New Email Newsletter on Work-Life Balance

While at the amazing Tahoe Tech Talk, I heard Dave Morin mention a new service called  It’s a great example of brilliance through its simplicity.

In my never ending quest to use all the things I find interesting, I’ve started an email newsletter called Feld On Work-Life Balance.  While I periodically post on Work-Life Balance, Amy and I are working on a book called The Startup Marriage.  There is also a chapter on Work-Life Balance in the book David Cohen and I just wrote called Do More Faster.  This is a topic that’s long been important and interesting to me, especially as I travel around explaining to my completely unbalanced friends how they are actually balanced and they just don’t realize it yet.

In the mean time, I’ll do some longer pieces on my Feld On Work-Life Balance email newsletter.  It’ll also help me better understand yet another vector of media (in this case microsubscriptions) that I think is going to be increasing interesting and important in the future.

BTW – if you missed the Tahoe Tech Talk, we are about 66.7% of the way done and it has been unbelievable.  The talks have been from Chris Sacca, Ben Kaufman, Dave Morin, Travis Kalanick, Kevin Rose, Dave McClure, and Alexia Tsotsis.  Gary Vaynerchuk who organized it is up on stage doing his piece now talking about his goal of trying to humanize a conference. He’s also trying to say “Fuck” more times than McClure did.  Great crowd – powerful stuff – well worth the 36 hours.

  • Scott

    I nearly subscribed, then I realized that for me, $1.99 per month is nearly $24 per year, and not a micropayment at all. How about something really innovative, like 25 cents?

    • Useful feedback. My sense is that a cost of a hard back book is reasonable for a year of this newsletter, but I guess folks will vote with their wallets. FYI – as you know, there is an enormous amount of free information on so this will be different stuff.

      • Scott

        Thanks for the reply. I immediately regretted coming across as too derisive of the idea, when in fact I think it's a wonderful topic. I'll keep it on my wishlist, at the very least.

  • Daryk

    Hi Brad, will your new book Do More Faster eventually be available on Kindle or iBooks? I read exclusively on my iPad.

    • Yup – I'm hoping they'll flip the switch on the Kindle version on Monday. It's ready – Amazon just has to let you buy it!

  • Tyler Gore

    I am looking forward to the newsletter, especially seeing that you were able to knock out 3 blog posts on a Sunday evening after being away from home all week.

  • Brad – When do you expect The Startup Marriage to be available? I am eager to hear your thoughts, especially as I am currently founding a startup with my significant other. I look forward to using your work-life balance advice as we grow our business.

    • It'll be a while as we have just started working on it.

  • Paul Lythgoe

    I wonder about the use of the word 'balance' … for me this conjure's up an imagine of no movement just like in a balance scale … Personally I am trying to build a life, the many facets of that life, that is in 'harmony'. In harmony with what I do (work), with who I am (personal interests, capabilities, personality) and my activities (reading, learning, cycling, friends). I think technology helps create bridges to these many facets of 'me' however I think there is one technology I think I will 'learn' to drop … and that is TV. It is becoming too much of a zombie like distraction where I could be reading, learning, writing …

    Lastly, I enjoy seeing your blogs pop-up on the Technology Review and look forward to what you have to say.

    Paul Lythgoe