KRON Channel 4 Do More Faster Interview

David Cohen and I were interviewed on KRON Channel 4 in San Francisco for Do More Faster.  It was our first TV interview around the book and was fun.

It’s a good example of giving more than you get and letting the universe do its thing.  Gary DiGrazia, the CEO of Mindjamz, emailed me with some questions about his startup.  I didn’t know Gary but as is my habit I gave him some quick feedback.  We went back and forth a few times and then he told me that he helps produce the KRON 4 Weekend Morning News show and asked if I wanted to do an interview about Do More Faster on it.  Um – duh – yeah!  Two weeks later we tape an interview which just aired.

Karma Matters.  Oh – that’s one of the chapters in Do More Faster (written by a long time friend of mine, Warren Katz, founder/CEO of MaK Technologies.)

  • Jarrett Collins

    Terrific segment, Brad… sounds like you guys really know what you're talking about!

  • Neil H

    Nice shirt

  • Me: "Is he wearing make up?"
    Melissa: "What the hell is he wearing?"
    Me: "He has a lot of silly shirts"
    Nicely done.

    • Well played Mr. Eakman! But no, I wasn't wearing makeup.

  • Karma does work, Congrats on recognizing the synergy, and thanks for your personality being so much a part of your blog, as well as the great information and connections. Appreciate you and your work, Brad. tlh

  • I got to Hawaii every 2-3 months to spend time with my kids, so i have a lot of "Hawaiian shirts". But my kids (7, & 9) would go, "WTF" about Brad's shirt! ha

    • Only Amy (my wife) knows where that shirt came from.

  • Observer

    Surprise Surprise Surprise
    Brad talks 5x more than David and each time David gets to speak, Brad ALWAYS chimes in, never lets what David said stand in its own, and ALWAYS gets in the last word. At the beginning when David kicks it off, Brad sits figeting because he is not speaking. Brad look at it closely and examine yourself. (Board meetings with you must be fun! ;-(

    • I always fidget event when I'm speaking.

      Thanks for the constructive feedback. I wish you'd use your real name and email so I could thank you directly.