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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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Hey Mom, I’m A Book Salesman

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I love my partners at Foundry Group.  They keep me humble.  Very humble.  I speculate that the following video is the work of Jason Mendelson.  Payback will be sweet.

On a more serious note, Andrew Warner has a great interview with my co-author and TechStars CEO David Cohen up on Mixergy.

Oh – and if you haven’t already, go buy a copy of Do More Faster.

  • @slobotski

    Solidly funny! This is great – can't see what you come up with in response Brad!

  • Brian Hart

    I received this link from a lawyer, and then just showed it to my lawyer father — who was laughing the whole time. Brilliant. Second only to the "I want an iPhone" video.

  • @howardlindzon

    thats funny enough that I am bummed I did not do it.

  • josh

    This is epic. thumbs up.

  • Andrew Warner

    I can't believe my work was reduced to a footnote on the bottom of 2010's version of a LOL cat.

    • Brad Feld

      I'd take this as a high compliment!

      I couldn't figure out how to embed video from Mixergy. I might have just been tired from the week but I would have if I could figure this out.

      • Andrew Warner

        Takeaway #1: Talk to Wistia about the embed.

        Takeaway #2: Run an ad on elance for someone who could convert my interviews into cartoons.

        Done & Done.

  • @russelcheng

    ROTFL! This is so funny!

  • Will Herman

    Ouch! So frickin' funny.

  • Vivek Chandrasekhar

    Damn funny . ROTFL ! Is the book out in the shops or just available on Amazon? Just wondering how I can grab a copy in Singapore .

    • Steve Bergstein

      It's available for Kindle.

      • Vivek Chandrasekhar

        Thanks Steve.

  • Brad Feld

    It's starting to show up in bookstores (it was released officially last week) but I don't know if there will be any in Singapore.

  • MeganSweeney


  • eric norlin

    or come to defrag and get the book for free ;-)

    • Vivek Chandrasekhar

      Ha ha Would've loved to be at Defrag, if only the folks @ immigration were friends with me :)

  • Rocco Chappie

    Ok…. Doing more faster….


    • Rocco Chappie

      10,000 lines of code from my hospital bed…

  • @rosalieinc

    "But if you read my book – You could Do More Faster. You should Do More Faster."

    LOL!! Love it.

  • arinewman

    'effing hilarious. Almost pee'd myself I was laughing so hard. If I only had a copy of the book I would know how to go the bathroom faster.

  • Jason Mendelson

    I'm happy that my first try at film creation has been such a success. Bring it, Feld.

    • Steve Bergstein

      Well done, Jason!

  • Ira

    I soiled myself!

  • Paul Kedrosky

    Fantastic. Can't believe I didn't think of doing this before "Jason" (sic.) did.

  • kilitx

    lol..! :)

  • Jeff H


  • Bill Meredith

    Still hilarious every time I see it! At least your partners didn't get fired unlike the employee at Best Buy who made the "iPhone vs HTC" video!

  • Scott Maxwell

    This is hilarious, but not believable…Brad doesn't wear ties…

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