Foundry Group Wishes You A Happy Halloween

We got tired of Google having all the fun so we put up a new drawing of us on the Foundry Group home page.

Foundry Halloween

Google also did a nice job with the Mystery Machine in the background.


Happy Halloween from Brad “Not your Mummy” Feld, Seth “Franken-Levine”, Ryan “El Diablo” McIntyre, and Jason “Count” Mendelson.

  • Ian Peters-Campbell

    it’s 1152 so I only have a few minutes to make a pun before Halloween is over…

    So glad to see you’re all in such good spirits!

    (and also legitimately glad to see VC who don’t take themselves too seriously and can loosen up to do something fun and silly. Good on ya)

  • Brad–this is great! I love when firms show off their distinct personalities! Well done!