Daily Deals In Boulder


I’m mentoring one of the TechStars Seattle companies that is working on a white label “Daily Deals” platform. I’m trying to come up with a few local Boulder deals to do where I can sell units of 100 of more. If you are a local Boulder merchant and want to play around with a new daily deal product, drop me an email and we’ll see where it goes.

  • Gary Kinsey

    Hey Brad, don't know if you saw, but the Daily Camera is doing this, too: http://bocodeals.com/

  • check your email brad:), got a deal for you..

  • Deckerton

    That picture is hilarious.

  • Now that is an avatar I can get behind. Your new version on twitter? Just okay. This one? Amazing.

  • These daily deal sites are becoming extremely popular since groupon came onto the scene. I have actually heard there are businesses out there now that are syndicating daily deals. They go out and negotiate with the merchants and then pass the deals off to companies like this one you are working with in seattle.

    If you want to know more about these companies syndicating deals, I can find out for you.

    Is that what that seattle company you are mentoring is doing? Is the platform going to be white label or will the deals be white label?

    • The company will be white label – other companies will run the deal sites on top of their platform. You'll see this when I run out my deal site.

  • donedeal

    This space is too crowded already. Not a good investment choice. Its a classic follow-on fad play. Didn't realize Foundry and Tech Stars are pursing cliches.

    • To be clear, this isn't a Foundry Group investment nor is it something we'd do as it's outside our themes. It is a TechStars Seattle company and, in my view, a very interesting one for a variety of reasons, including the two great entrepreneurs running it. I personally love to play around with things outside our themes via TechStars so I continue to learn.

  • There are a lot of these popping up. Sounds like GroopBuy.com‘s publisher offering (http://groopbuy.com/more/publishers) or chompon.com.