Book: Behind the Cloud

Now that Do More Faster is out and I appreciate how hard it is to write and publish a book, I read every book through a different (more appreciative) lens.  This morning, I spent three hours on the coach and plowed through Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry.  It was excellent.

Marc Benioff, the founder and CEO of, tells the story of in 111 short stories.  He mixes each story with clear advice, from his perspective, about creating, building, and scaling a business.  I loved the format that Benioff used to organize these stories into clear themes, while still marching linearly through the story of

This is a book aimed at entrepreneurial CEO’s but scales nicely to any founder of a company.  It also reminds us of the actual evolution of Cloud Computing, which several very large technology companies continue to try to claim credit for.  When reading this book, you realize how deep and clear Benioff’s vision was from the beginning.

It was well worth the time to read and gave me some structural ideas for some writing that I’m working on.

  • Just finished reading a book, so will get this on my kindle now. The delivery style of the book sounds appealing.

  • I forgot to add my one backhanded compliment to Salesforce — Notably that everyone says how much better it is than the SAP and friends. All that tells me is that they suck less. But it's time for someone to make a version of CRM software that is actually good. I haven't tried SugarCRM yet, but I've heard it's okay.

    What we need is the Mint of CRM. Salesforce isn't even close.

  • Pete

    It was an interesting read, but his ego made me want to put it down several times.