WordPress Bloggers Can Now Gamify Their Site

Today our portfolio company BigDoor launched the first ever gamification plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow a WordPress site owner to add leader-boards to their site as well as reward users with badges and points when they leave comments and check-in.  It is a great way to incentivize repeat visits and help build a community on your site.

The BigDoor team has built a powerful gamification API, but until recently it required a programmer to implement it.  The team continues to make big strides in making gamification more accessible by streamlining and simplifying the process of adding points, leader-boards, badges and virtual goods to a site or app.  BigDoor is progressing toward what they call the “15 minute install”.  Their new WordPress plugin takes about an hour from download to being live on your site, but this is a big step toward making gamification, badges and leader-boards more accessible for bloggers everywhere.

If you are a WordPress blogger, download the BigDoor WordPress Gamification plugin and give it a spin. Feedback welcome.

  • What's the point in selling the product in credits if "1 BigDoor Credit = $1" ? http://www.bigdoor.com/product/pricing/

    Anyway, I'm downloading it now.

    • Thanks Razvan, I'd love to hear your feedback after you use it.

      The reason we charge in BigDoor Credits rather than dollars is because we find value in using a virtual currency as a layer of abstraction. Our platform makes it easy to create your own branded virtual currency and to charge users based on that currency as well as use it for rewards when applicable.

      Ultimately it just comes down to the fact that having a branded virtual currency ends up creating a lot of cool flexibility.


  • Mark S.

    Is BigDoor using the gamify.com beta SDK for this wordpress plugin?

    • Nope, we are using the BigDoor platform. Our platform allows any programmer to build gamification apps, and this WordPress plugin is one of those apps.

  • I'm concerned that companies like BigDoor and others will lead to Rewards Palooza (not in a good way – http://mileslennon.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/tech-… and ultimately end up dilutive to the feeling of gaming in general.

    Btw – I would love to see DISQUS in this mix of Third Party Auths.

    • You raise a great point Miles, but ultimately it comes down to how best to engage your audience and community. In the early days of the Web a flashing gif was a very common way to get a user's attention – but it was never a good design and (thankfully) the flashing gif image quickly went the way of the rubbish heap.

      There's no doubt that if game mechanics and rewards become the equivalent of the flashing gif image that they will be more annoying than useful. That's why good implementations, deep analytics and appropriate game mechanics are needed – and that's precisely why we would argue that our platform is needed.

      We aren't trying to turn every website into Farmville, but we do think that game mechanics will have a massive impact on user behavior and will likely become such an integral part of the fabric of our digital lives that someday soon users will balk when they don't exist on a site.


      • I fundamentally agree with everything you're saying and companies like Stack Exchange and 4SQ have proven that even the . I just wonder what the barriers will be to truly good game design. Really these "game mechanics" are more like loyalty programs. And that might work fine. But I'm curious about what it will take for users to manage various loyalty programs simultaneous and still get the effect you want.

        Overall however Keith I think you've come up with a very innovative concept. I like anyone that is democratizing, so long as the democratization is not severely dilutive. 🙂

  • Brad,

    Noticed your blog is WordPress – any plans to implement it here?

  • John Minnihan

    This looks pretty interesting, though my perspective & point of interest may be quite different.

    I have a very specific idea in mind, Brad/Keith. I'll email Brad to share the idea (which I don't want to do right here).

  • So many ideas of star-ups popping up in my brain….must…focus…on….one (Shatner impersonation).