Looking For A Startup Job in Boulder – Come to TechStars Smackdown

Want to work for a startup?

Have you ever wanted to work for a web startup, but aren’t sure where to look or how it might be different from a big company gig? Come check out the TechStars Smackdown event on October 12th in Boulder.

It’s not a typical job fair.  The event starts with a panel of entrepreneurs that will answer questions about what it means to work for a startup – common questions such as salary levels, equity versus salary compensation, work/life balance, and job security.  Then 12 Boulder companies (Vacation Rental Partner, ScriptPad, Rezora, SendGrid, Omniar, StatsMix, Spot Influence, Graphic.ly, Snapabug, Next Big Sound, Orbotix, BlipSnips, and Gnip) will each get 5 minutes to sell you on why working for their startup will be a great career move.

The event ends with networking so you can meet the founders of these companies in person.

It’s free and open to the public, but requires a reservation.  Check it out – you might be the key employee that helps propel that company to stardom.

  • I've never really wanted to work for a startup, but I've often dreamed of building my own startup. I have so many ideas and the web/programming knowledge to make it happen, but I guess I'm just lazy or scared.

    • Nicole Glaros

      Get involved in the boulder startup scene if you're feeling scared about it. Lots of people are doing startups, hanging with them might give you the courage. 🙂

  • Kedar

    As soon as I left left Tahoe area there are 2 tech conferences in 3 months. Nothing for 7 years before that.
    Anyways I will attend something here in NYC but it is not as open as bay area conferences.
    Looking forward to your book