I’ve Been Decloaked By The Folks At Big Red Scarves

I went on vacation for a few days to celebrate Amy’s birthday and those sneaky scarf makers at Big Red Scarves expose me on the Internets.

I’ve been trying for months to discover their secrets to no avail. I’ve even had Amy take up knitting to try to figure it out.

But now I know. It’s Trada. The real secret is out – Big Red Scarves has been using Trada for their search engine marketing campaigns.  I should have been able to figure it out from the previous videos on the Internets staring Niel Robertson and Seth Levine, but I guess I missed them because I was too busy sheering sheep and cleaning off my sneakers.

I’m not done with them yet – just you wait.  Bwahahahahahahahaha.

– Vladamir Schlockfeld, Chief Researcher at Globoscarf (Brad’s evil twin)

  • Crowdsouring businesses make so much sense. I just recently started a crowdsourcing business of my own and have been following some of the steps trada has taken.

    PPC professionals will have a hard time duplicating the innovation and success that trada is producing.

    • Thanks Brad! We appreciate your vote of confidence in Trada. Would love to send you info about an organization the CEO of Trada, Niel, is organizing for crowdsouricng companies. I think it could be of help to you.

      • Thanks for the response Elaine. I would love to get some more information about that. What is the name of the organization and how do I get in touch with Niel?

  • Cluffer

    I wont out my buddy, but I saw DJ (you all figure it out) with a cute little scarf. Very Metro?

  • Annoyed

    What a load of rubbish! Is this what the Technical Review has degenerated to?

    • Oh come on. Have a sense of humor.

  • Ivan Gomes