Reflecting On An Intense Week In Boulder

A week ago I had just gotten home after a month in Homer, Alaska.  I was totally chilled out – I worked plenty in July but had very little physical human interaction with anyone other than Amy.  I’m sitting here in my Boulder condo today thinking about the entrepreneurial tour de force that was the last six days.  I think I interacted with more different people each day than I did cumulatively over the previous 30 days in Homer.

The Boulder New Tech Meetup double header (Tuesday and Wednesday) started things off.  The second Boulder Open Angel Forum delivered.  Then we had TechStars Demo Day which was amazing, followed by an Open House at Jive Software (they acquired TechStars Boulder 2007 company Filtrbox last year and are growing like crazy), a Return Path board dinner at Black Cat, and the the TechStars Afterparty at the Draft House.  Friday saw a Return Path board meeting and lunch with the folks at Return Path followed by TEDxBoulder on Saturday.  Oh, and in between I had piles of “regular work.”

There were numerous blog posts and tweets from the week, but my favorite post about an event from the week is up on the True Ventures web site titled On The Road With TechStars Boulder.   In addition to all the locals, there were a huge number of folks from out of town who participated in the various events and I smiled a big smile when I read the post.

Last night during the TEDxBoulder intermission break, I had a few quiet moments to myself as I wandered around the grounds of the Boulder Chautauqua.  I was filled with a deep satisfaction about the amazingness of the people of Boulder.  While there are lots of other great places in the world, I am most at home here.  And it’s good to be back home.

  • I would have said, "Welcome back from the wilderness", but since you had Internet access there it won't fly.

    Have you gotten used to changing the pace of life so radically so quickly (from AK to CO)? Or is it not different much from a regular vacation?

    • I'm used to the dramatic changes – I already travel a lot and never really struggle too much with “re-entry” (at most a day or two). It is kind of amusing to contemplate the shift from Homer, AK to Boulder, CO as one of a radical change. Now NYC – that would be a radical change!

  • Funny Brad… my memories of Boulder when I lived there in the 90s was that it was an amazing place. When I went back to Boulder for the first time in 15 years a few weeks ago, I was struck by the fact that it's even more remarkable than I remembered. Glad you don't take living there for granted; it's unlike anyplace else. And Homer ain't bad either!

  • Thanks so much for speaking at TEDxBoulder, your talk was a highlight for me.

    Great picture of you here too:

  • Thanks for having me! I thought you created an absolutely amazing event.

  • And I've taken your challenge of "A Quarterly Week of the Grid"… on the agenda for late September. Thanks again speaking, you did a great job!

    • Super – enjoy the week off the grid!