I’m Dead To Your Suggestion That X Is Dead

Ah – the joy of a meme.  Today’s meme is “The Web Is Dead.”  Whatever.  My favorite article about this in the past 24 hours is The Tragic Death of Practically Everything – this is basically what I would have written if I’d had time today.

This latest round apparently started with the new Wired cover story “The Web is Dead.”  Yeah, I read it.  My reaction to it was “whatever.” Are books dead?  Is email dead?   Are memes dead?


  • Is death dead?

  • Yann Ropars

    This reminds me of this: Shocking Tiger Woods video (exclusive) http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/12/s

  • Keith

    Rock is dead, long live scissors!

  • John Minnihan

    He's not dead. He's just pining for the fjords.

  • Michael Clayton

    In ways I agree that the web is dead, in terms of innovation or invention, but there is still a lot of money to be made and the major corporations are all buying it up.

    The hindenburg omen fiasco is going to be the same as the dotcom bust of the 90s.

  • Oh, you mean 'x' = 'something'. I read this as 'X Windows' is dead, so I wish 🙂

  • Published by Wired in 1997: "Kiss your browser goodbye: The radical future of media beyond the Web"

  • zack

    Books and email have just become commonplace instead of a fringe technology right? Same with the web – about time, business as usual. Hopefully the web becomes even deader in the future so more people have access to it 😉

  • StartupTrekTV

    I'd like to pose the question, though: is mobile computing dead?

  • So you want to check whether the Web is dead – or not ?

    There’s a web app for that :




  • The article was interesting but I was troubled by the distortion of the statistical graphics. I liked the Boing Boing version much better.

  • I have the same few of blog posts or tweets that start out with X steps to achieve something …..

    Now a days some unique idea of how to grab attention gets pointed out and it works its way around the social graph so fast that 24 hours later it's useless 🙂