Gmail Made Me Go To Bed Earlier Last Night

My week-long experiment with Gmail continues with my first big bump happening last night at around 9pm.  After sending a lot of emails (apparently 500) I received an error message “You have reached a limit for sending mail“.  I tried again.  This perplexed me.  So I clicked on the link.

I read through it and couldn’t figure out what I’d done wrong.  I tweeted about it and immediately heard back that Gmail had throttled me for up to the next 24 hours because I’d been sending too many emails.  I poked around a little to try to figure out if there was a way around this and finally concluded that the solution was to go to sleep and try again in the morning.

When I woke up, email was magically sending again.  I guess I got turned back on in less than 24 hours.  We’ll see what happens today.

Of course, one solution is to use SendGrid.  I’ve just gone and signed up for an account in case I get rate limited again.

In the mean time, Gmail feels slow this morning.  I’m getting used to my new friend, the yellow “Working” link at the top middle of the window.

  • I'm still trying to get over the part about you sending off 500 individual email messages yesterday.

    Brad. Just step away from the Macbook.

    • John Minnihan

      back when I intro'ed a couple very popular features of fp, there were a few days when I rec'vd & responded to over 500 emails. I introduced the forums as a direct result.

      That's not something I want to do again. Crazy stuff.

  • Never been there!

    I guess your replies are shorter than tweets. If it takes you around 2 minutes/email, you'll have ~16hs/day. You surely need an assistant 🙂

  • Full disclosure, I work on the Apps team at Google

    If you hit this limit a lot, you might also consider signing up for Google Apps Premier ( This increases your sending limit to 2k messages per day, and you can use your own domain.

    If you need help getting started, feel free to email me.

    • I think I'm going to upgrade to this for one of my business account but hopefully can integrate a picture loge on different fonts into my emails.

    • dharmeshs

      I'm a big fan of Google Apps (Brad, you should upgrade).

      Alex: Any chance you guys are going to allow storage upgrades beyond the 25G? Too often, I have to go and delete emails. Oddly, the free Google account allows more upgrade storage than Google Apps.

  • Have you connected to your Google mail account? Just curious. 🙂 Turn on IMAP on the account. It’s a breeze to set up.

    • mindctrl

      Gmail's IMAP implementation does not follow IMAP standards. Their labels vs folders implementation leave a lot to be desired, sometimes resulting in message duplication or outright deletion because of its design. They also do not properly link replies which results in broken message conversations in the IMAP client, making it difficult to track a conversation outside of their web site. I'm sure this is why it's designed that way. Either way, beware.

      • John Minnihan

        Interesting point "…resulting in [..] outright deletion because of its design."

        What's your source for this? I quit using Gmail a while back after one too many messages simply vanished. I used IMAP & had a massive folder / label structure, but never found any smoking gun for the message loss.

        • mindctrl

          It has been a while since I used the IMAP configuration with Gmail, and it may not still be this way, but I believe it revolved around deleting messages that existed in more than one folder (which is really a Gmail label) from one of the folders. It deleted the message from all "folders". I think they may have implemented some weird things to circumvent this problem now. Also, deleting messages from the IMAP client doesn't result in their deletion, it results in them being "archived" to "All Mail".

          Some of that info is listed here.

          • mindctrl

            To clarify, I think that now the configuration is to not delete but to archive. I don't believe it was that way previously. The lack of standards support for IMAP turns me off. Too much stuff was broken for my tastes. Message linking is a key feature for me tracking conversations and I noticed it breaks all the time or simply doesn't link up.

            Of course, this all works wonderfully on their web site, and possibly their Gmail Android client.

          • John Minnihan

            Sounds like something different.

            I lost messages that never arrived. I was able to send mail from a server I control, watch it leave, get accepted for delivery, change local status to 'sent' and then… nothing ever show up on the Gmail side.

            This happened to ~10 messages that I knew to look for, but have no idea how many times it happened to messages I wasn't expecting. I was able to duplicate the results of the above test several times one morning.

  • Brad,

    What’s your overall assessment? Is gmail the way to go?

  • Jason

    Interesting. I switched to GMail / Google Apps as my exclusive mail client and reader roughly a year ago. While I don't send nearly the quantity of email you do I do have it open all day and use it fairly consistently with only one outage on GMail and none on my Google Apps accounts. I don't have the issue with the slowness you're experiencing but I have seen it in the past and found the culprit to be one of the Labs tools I had enabled, unfortunately I don't remember which one.

  • Craig Mische

    Thanks for mentioning SendGrid. I wasn't aware of them and signed up today.

  • mtupper

    500 emails in the outbox? Amazing, I still can't even fathom it. I am now wondering if I am a total fly-weight or if it's a bionic-feld? You're obviously leveraging the canned-responses plugin from Labs I assume. 500!