Boulder Startup Jobseekers List

I get a lot of inbound resumes from folks looking to relocate to Boulder.  I also get a lot of requests from local CEOs for candidates for various positions.  I do my best at connecting folks, but I’m sure plenty of connections slip through the cracks.

So – David Cohen of TechStars (who has the same thing happening to him all the time) and I have created a new private email list for CEOs of Boulder-based companies.  We have started to email qualified inbound resumes to this list.  By qualified, I mean that it’s a real inquiry, rather than a generic “resume spam email” which is the only email I get that I won’t respond to.

If you are a CEO of a Boulder-based company and want to be added to this list, just email me.  Alternatively, if you are interested in relocating to Boulder and want to get exposure to the local CEOs, just email me.

Did someone recently say email was dead?  Whatever.

  • Hi Brad,

    Though not the email list, what you've outlined here is the underlying principle behind <a href="” target=”_blank”> – and we have a community of 100+ startups here in the bay area sharing resumes. We'd love to do the same for the Boulder community.

    Dan Arkind
    dan (at) jobscore [dot] com

  • Hey Brad. Great idea. I'm not currently in Boulder, but am very interested in the culture there and the projects coming out of there. I am a developer founder. I can't permanently relocate to Boulder, but am wondering if any of the startups there would be interested in working with me remotely. In general from what you've heard and observed, would Boulder based startups consider working with remote developers (once they were convinced they found one worth working with)?

    • Yup – there's always willingness to work with great devs regardless of where they are located.

  • Dan – is there a cost to this?

  • Great. Well, if I were to fly out there next month to experience Boulder, do you have any recommendations for how to get in contact with startups and meet some great people while there?

    • If you email me ([email protected]) I'll pass around a bunch of email intros.

  • Martha Young

    Hi Brad,

    This idea demonstrates, once again, the value of networking. Have you talked with Tim W. lately? His new gig, Round Pegg, could add an interesting dimension to this idea. Thanks for supporting the community.

  • Dan Moore

    Hi Brad,

    Was wondering how this was different than the jobs list?



  • Hi Brad,

    If any of the TechStars startups would like to try recorded video interviewing to get a sense of the candidates beyond the resume, and prior to face to face interviews just let me know. I would be happy to give you all free OVIA accounts.

    Unlike a live service such as Skype, with OVIA everything is automated allowing candidates to respond to interviews at home and you to evaluate the responses whenever it fits your schedule.

  • James_Mitchell

    Brad, on the Foundry Group website, why not have a tab at the top that says "Startup Jobs." Have the same tab on each of the partner's blogs, all of which go to the same page. Let each of the companies backed by Foundry Group post their job listings there.

    James Mitchell

    • We've tried lots of different things over the years. Nothing really works that well. Plus, in this case I'm interested in spreading the resumes to anyone in the community, not just our companies.

  • Michael Greenberg

    Really appreciate the effort. I've been watching TechStars for the past year and plan on throwing our card in the hat this coming summer! In the meantime, my family is planning to move out there even if we don't nail a spot in next year's class. We're expecting a move sometime between April-July 2011 depending on circumstances. When do you think would be a good time (for a programmer/entrepreneur) to start job hunting over there? Is now too soon?

  • Thanks Brad! You (and David) are certain to rack up many karma points for your efforts! As I am one of those folks who is looking to make a jump to Boulder (with my family), I can't begin to tell you how much your offer of assistance is appreciated at this end….Keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Dean Wolf (IP Attorney)