Get Out There And Tell The World What You Are Doing

A few weeks ago I had my weekly mentor meeting with Ian and Adam from Gearbox.  We messed around with the latest version of “the ball” on an Android phone and then talked about a bunch of things that were going on.  I am totally amazed at the technical progress they are making this summer – these guys are magicians.  But they’ve been shy about getting out there and showing off what they’ve been up to.  My sense after talking to them is that their hesitancy was a combination of prioritization, focus, and “the need to get everything right.”

I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something like “this stuff is so fucking cool – just start blogging about what you are doing, get the API out there, and get out in front of the world with this.”  Two days later they sent me a note that their first blog post Gear What? was up and they’ve been blogging and talking up a storm ever since, including emerging on the bunker to play on the Pearl Street Mall and flying to Aspen in Paul Berberian‘s plane to spend the day at Mini Maker Faire Aspen.

Now they are having a Hackathon on the weekend of July 24th/25th.  An early version of their API is out and I’ve seen some cool shit running on an Android phone so I know it’s hackable.  If you are an Android developer, this is going to be fun, plus there’s the staple of every hackathon (free food, beer, and red bull.)  If you want to play, send an email to ian [at] gearbox [dot] me.

Oh – and if you are into robots, go check out the 2010 Denver Robot Expo & Mini Maker Faire.  Yup – the Gearbox guys will be there.

  • Great advice Brad. Gearbox seems tailor made for social media. On top of the usual startup tales that they can tell, they've got a budding movie star in that little ball of theirs. Keep it coming Gearbox!

  • It really nice adbice from you 🙂
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • I totally agree with you Brad. From a TECH cocktail perspective, one of the biggest problems we see is startups that don't have their story down or know where to start. One of the motivating factors of TECH cocktail is to help them tell their story and offer a free platform to tell it. Looking forward to coming back to Boulder sometime soon, we are just trying to figure out the best time and work it into our tour schedule –

  • Mike Lewis

    I sit right next to these guys and everyday i see them busting their ass to make their shit better and better. There are some really cool things you can do with "the ball" and nobody knows it.

    For instance, we were talking about an app where the ball just follows you around all day. It knows the space between you and it and either moves forward (with the appropriate speed) or moves back if you're approaching it. For anyone who loved playing Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega as a kid and loved having "Tails" as a companion. This is a chance to potentially get your own Tails. I love this idea. And, it was an idea not created by Adam and Ian and it goes to show that opening up your idea to others can only make it better.

    As they say, "just like iron sharpen iron, man sharpens man"