Welcome to Summer

I love summertime. 

Amy and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Manhattan.  We stayed in Soho, hung out with some friends, ate a lot, and just wandered around.  Oh – and I slept 17 hours yesterday once again demonstrating that I have amazing sleeping powers.  I needed it after two full days at the Glue Conference, a day at Tech Wildcatters in Dallas, and a full week of “normal work.”

I’m on the east coast (New York and Boston) the next two weeks.  One of my favorite things to do when in New York is eat – we’ve already had four great meals at Kittichai, Spring Street Natural, Market Table, and Excellent Dumpling House.  Whenever I’m here it blows my mind how many amazing places to eat are within walking distance of whatever hotel I’m staying at.  As Amy and I were walking down Broadway on the way back to the hotel, we both had a moment of being completely overwhelmed by the Soho and Chinatown crowd, looked at each other, and agreed it was time to get back into the isolated comfort of our hotel room.

I nourished my inner 14 year old with my friend Warren on Sunday by going to a matinee of Rock of Ages.   Journey, Styx, Whitesnake, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, Asia, Night Ranger, Twisted Sister, and Pat Benatar.  Seth would have been in heaven – maybe I’ll take him the next time we are in town together.

I love the hot, sweatiness of summer.  Bye bye cold and snow – see you later.  Time for a run outside in Soho.

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  • The food is amazing. Did your tweet request for a place in Chinatown work, or did you just happen into a place? In almost any neighborhood in Manhattan that will work, but not Chinatown. A few of the places there are a bit too authentic.

    • The concierge told us where to go.  It rocked.

  • I interned at GM's treasurer's office in 1993. It was the same building where FAO Schwartz flagship store is. I remember leaving the office at 8:30 p.m. one day and noticing two shoppers who had the whole place to themselves – Michael Jackson and a young friend. It was just very wierd. I also remember getting mugged no less than 3 times that summer on my 8 block walk back to my crammed apartment. Things have changed since Mayor Dinkins.

    You should look up Ted Schell while you are out there. Associated Group, Cometa, Clearwire, Russian Wi-Max, all sorts of interesting stuff. There's more energy in Ted at 70 than there is in most entrepreneurs. Let me know if you have time for a quick meet with him.

  • Hey Brad, here is a quick list i put together for you. http://wby.im/bzGP2T I'll keep adding things to it.

    Full disclosure, this is our site but i don't mean it it as a plug. We're still actually working in this list feature so it's lacking some key functionality.

    Hope it helps!

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