Two Weeks Later, I’m Loving The HTC EVO

Google gave all 5000 Google I/O attendees an HTC EVO (I guess it’s a Sprint EVO) running Android.  For the past two years I’ve been using an iPhone and have become increasingly disgusted by AT&T’s service which is horrible (and deteriorating) in the cities I frequent – most notably Boulder, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, NY, and Boston.  So – I decided to give the EVO+Android a real shot and use it for a week as my permanent phone. 

When I wrote my post Open Android vs. Closed iPhone right after Google I/O a few folks took shots at me for pimping a free phone that I got at a conference.  Given the amount of money I regularly shell out to screw around on hardware and software (I’m one of those guys who happily buys things just to try them out) I shrugged this off but figured it was worth pre-empting since I’m sure this nonsense will come around again.  So – there’s the disclaimer – I got this phone for free (although I did sit on two panels and spent a day and a half talking to people at Google I/O.)

While there has been plenty of fan boy and anti-fan boy chatter about this phone, I can only find one thing to complain about – the battery life.  It’s still running Android 2.1 so I expect there will be plenty of battery tune up in Android 2.2, but out of the box the battery only lasts about six hours.  I’ve tuned my settings so I can get a full day out of it, but am still carrying my USB cord to grab some juice from time to time.  There a few tricks (like charge it with it turned off) that help a lot, but it feels like the iPhone 3G did when it first came out where I was always paying attention to how much charge I had left.  Fortunately this will get better with software (quickly) and – since the battery is removable, I can just carry a spare around.

Ok – that’s literally the only thing I don’t like.  The screen is phenomenal.  All of the apps I run on my iPhone are available on Android – I even found a few new ones.  The camera is killer.  The email client is much better than the iPhone.  Search for anything is lightening fast.  Voice recognition – er – recognizes my voice.  I have a phone that tethers and – if I want – I have a hotspot (bye bye MiFi.)  My applications remember their state and come up instantly because they are still running in the background.  The browser is fast.  Google Maps + Navigation is incredible, especially for someone who can’t read a map to save his life.  I can dial a phone number, look up an address, and get directions from within the calendar.  The weather app knows where I am.  Google Voice works great and is tightly integrated.

And – for the payoff – I can make a fucking telephone call on this thing.  I can’t remember the last time I looked back after a day and thought “wow – I didn’t drop a single call today.”  Now the only dropped calls I’ve had are when I’m talking to someone on an iPhone and they drop.

I’m looking forward to iPhone 4.0 coming out so I can see how it compares.  My guess is that I’ll get the Android 2.2 upgrade at about the same time so I’ll have both to play around with in June and July.  The real result will be to see which phone I’m using when I get back from Alaska in August.  In the mean time, the HTC EVO is a winner and – as a result – the smart phone thing is going to get interesting now that Apple has some real competition and can no longer just walk all over Microsoft and Palm.

Did I mention that I can’t wait to get my hands on an Android Tablet?

  • Zoli Erdos

    I'm switching to the EVO from the Incredible I bought two weeks prior to I/O (could still cancel that in 30d). That said… my favorite phone is the one we can't get in the US yet: have you seen the Samsung Galaxy S at I/O? I was teasing the exhibitors they were giving us empty shalls, it felt so lightweight… and absolutely the best screen anywhere.

    As for battery life, back in the days of the Treo I bought two cradles, one for Office, one for home and simply developed the habit of dropping it in the cradle any time, and it worked like magic.

  • Alex King

    I've upgraded my borrowed NexusOne to Android 2.2 and I'm afraid I haven't noticed an improvement in the battery life…

    • Brad Feld

      That surprises me.  I’ve noticed a few “bad apps” – I wonder if you have one draining things.

      • Alex King

        I only have a couple of apps installed (Twitter, Grocery IQ) and have just been using the built-in apps for just about everything else. Of course, T-Mobile coverage is only edge at my house – I think that's supposed to be better for battery, but I wonder if the phone is constantly looking for a 3G signal.

        Regardless, no noticeable difference in battery from 2.1 to 2.2, and phone usage pattern is the same. I was disappointed.

        • Brad Feld

          That’s a big drain on the battery if it is switching between 3G and Edge.

          • cheersevans

            There is an issue with sense UI that stops the phone from sleeping when not in use. If you remove your Flickr login from settings > accounts & sync you should see a big up tick in battery, I get about 24 hours between charges now. Cheers

  • @epc

    Maybe I'm incredibly lucky, but I haven't noticed battery life on the evo to be as bad as written up pretty much everywhere. I consistently get a full day (>12 hours) out of it running gmail, twitter client, and occasional web browsing. The only thing I've seen which literally burned the battery to ash was when I used the Google Navigation app (separate from the Maps app). Using Navigation pretty much trashed the battery when driving from SJC to Google's Mountain View offices.

    Have you gotten to use the 4g yet?

    • Brad Feld

      I haven’t been somewhere where 4G has been active.  I’m continuing to search for it!

      • Alex King

        I saw it in action in our office here in LoDo – very impressive.

        • David Simmons

          Was that a special demo for your office, or is Sprint turning on 4G in downtown now?

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  • DaveG

    I found that two things suck the most battery life from my iPhone… perhaps it's a similar issue with Droid. One, screen brightness and two, too much mail. If I set it to keep just the latest month of mail the battery life is great. If I keep all mail the battery life is horrible (I had to delete my exchange account and recreate it to rid of all old mail). I assume it's either a background indexing process or update takes too long. Of course, droid has multitasking so it is more likely to be a problem with an app than on the iPhone. GPS kills the battery too but only if the app is running obviously (my usb car charger can barely even keep up!).

    ATT just shot itself in the foot again by limiting data usage for all new subscribers. I'll be the first on line for the Verizon iPhone.

    • Brad Feld

      Yeah – the screen brightness is a drain although I found the EVO auto-adjust to be good. 

      On email, I run inbox zero so it’s never been an issue for me although when I first cranked up Exchange via ActiveSync I had some weird sync issue with Contacts.  I deleted and tried again and it worked fine.

      I just don’t understand AT&T.

      • DaveG

        Yeah, that's what surprised me… I'm inbox zero too and still had the issue. It was the other folders, probably sent that killed it. Must be search indexing.

  • @marksbirch

    Imagine that, making a phone call on a smartphone, it almost seems quaint. This is why I absolutely refused to get an iPhone with its AT&T lock-in. I will however be in line to grab the HTC EVO. The hotspot capability itself is huge and the fact that it is not AT&T is a major bonus.

  • Rod@GoPetFriendly

    What has Sprint's connectivity been like? I thought their network coverage was not all that great … better than T-Mobile but worse than Verizon. And yes, I know we're comparing it to AT&T :) Also curious how the tethering/hot spot is going. I have a Verizon MiFi as well that I could ditch if I switched phones. Still, I never imagined going over to Sprint …

    • Zoli Erdos

      Rod, you can't generally compare coverage – only in specific areas. I fell for the "Verizon is the best" reputation only to find that it's just as week as others in my area. In fact here Verizon is slightly better for voice, but Sprint wins for data – go figure …

      • Rod@GoPetFriendly

        Thanks for responding. The "problem" is that our business requires that we travel all of the US and through southern Canada. My wife and I both have iPhones (3Gs and 3G) and a Verizon MiFi that we rely on pretty heavily to connect to the internet. I was just wondering, based on Brad's review, if one of us could switch to the HTC EVO. This would split our phone coverage and allow us to ditch the MiFi.

    • Brad Feld

      Sprint connectivity seems good – it might be because no one is on the network!  I’m using the Hotspot right now – it’s working great.

      • Rod@GoPetFriendly

        I thought Sprint was in some serious trouble – losing more subscribers than they were gaining each quarter?

        • Andry Haryanto

          Rod, see my reply to John below on a brief history of Sprint. As a former internal consultant for Sprint, I used to travel the country every few weeks. Never have any problem with the network, even now after I left for another job now in CA. If you know where you're gonna be traveling to, use to check out the coverage. Based on my experience, it is pretty accurate.

          Unfortunately, I'm trading my HTC Hero for the iPhone 4 because [1] my new company pays for the plan (glad the data limit is not an issue!) and [2] I want to show the love for my girlfriend who has shed blood and tears working in the iPhone team. 😉

    • Kirk

      The Sprint network has gotten MUCH better over the past couple of years. Also, don't forget that Sprint has a roaming agreement with Verizon so if you're in an area that doesn't get a Sprint signal you can roam onto the Verizon network and there's no additional charge.

    • Kirk

      Also… the hotspot/tethering functionality is great. Now, I'm in a 4G market so I might be biased but I consistently see downstream speeds of 3.5-4.0 Mbps with the EVO vs. the 700k-1.0 Mbps I average with the MiFi. I will definitely be canceling the $60/month MiFi account in favor of the $29/month Sprint plan.

  • John

    Met a guy who puts up cell towers. Told him Sprint's call quality is great & don't understand everyone's beef with Sprint. He said my good call quality is because I am the only one on the Sprint network so I had all the band-with to myself :-) Like you, I can tell an iPhone user right away…I have to call them back and leave a message.

    • Andry Haryanto

      There's a long history to the Sprint hate – they used to expand so fast that the customer care and network quality set the lowest standard for the industry. It has been restructuring since 2007 and now the network and customer service has gotten much better.

  • Ross

    So nice to see Android getting the attention it deserved. I'll be in line Friday morning to pick on up as well, had the Palm Pre (which I really liked) on Sprint and I found the coverage to be excellent.

    • Elliot Turner

      I've been using an android tablet for the past 2 weeks or so and absolutely love it. It's taken over 80%+ of my daily computing activities from my laptop, which has been in the OFF position far more lately than ON.

      Now if I can only find a new Android phone that works on TMobile's network. My G1 is extremely long on the tooth at this point :)

  • Steve Bell

    Darn! I was afraid this would happen – you’ve confirmed that I’ll have to try one:(

    headed for my local Sprint store now….

  • JChauncey

    on my droid eris i try and keep the wifi and bluetooth off and i definitely turn off the gps (it drains a ton of battery life). I also constantly keep tasks killed when the phone is just lying around. so my battery life is around 48 hours or so.

  • http://StartupTrek.TV Steve Bell

    I'm glad you went to Google I/O and posted about the HTC EVO experience. Remember when we interviewed you, i was on the Motorola Droid after using iPhones, and was keen on it. But the limitations of that phone led me to go back to AT&T and a 3GS iPhone.

    This morning I arrived at Sprint's University Village store in Seattle 4AM; I volunteered as the "greeter" serving cookies and pouring coffee for the other wet, Droid-minded souls in line. I didn't leave until 11am; but it was well worth the wait.

    This phone's sharp, bright high-contrast LCD display at 800x480pixels is sensational, and the SnapDragon CPU runs circles around the iPhone 3GS's processing power – especially when coupled with the blazing fast 4G network, which i've found to be a strong signal even in the outreaches of Woodinville (20mi NE of downtown Seattle0.

    Most surprisingly, the user experience on this phone under Android, is in many ways superior to the iPhone's, even before HTC delivers v2.2 (HTC, what's the big holdup??). Yes, APPL fanboys – i know a new iPhone is coming in two weeks – but the Android has just pulled ahead of the IPhone. OK, maybe not ahead of the iPad – for different reasons – but that's another story.

    To get onto Wi-Fi when i wasn't near a hotspot, up until today I was previously using a Sprint 3G USB modem and a Cradlepoint USB router. Perhaps because I'm a "Bell" and the Wi-Fi guy :), the 3G stick/plan was grandfathered in on Sprint's unlimited data plan (no longer available for modems). But now i have a 4G unlimited data hotspot, for a lower monthly fee. After selling my iPhone and Mophie juice pack on Craigslist today, i even made a profit on the move to the EVO. Not as good as getting one for free from Google, but hey who's complainin':)

    I now can lite up a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot wherever i am at without packing anything more than my phone, so that i can work on my iPad or MacBook Pro – or both. No more requirement to look for Wi-Fi hotspots. Although technically, i could do that before using my Cradlepoint+Sprint Mi-Fi setup, too many times I would forget to bring it or not be able to reach an AC outlet, or 12V connection; or not have the right adapter along. Although Cradlepoint does make a battery-powered Mi-Fi router, it's a hassle to carry and attend to the extra device, router, etc. Now it's all built into my PHONE, which i always have with me.

    Yes, voice quality is vastly improved on the EVO with Sprint, vs the iPhone on AT&T. All but two of the 28 iPhone Apps that I used (the exceptional THINGS gtd app for the iPhone; and the fantastic ReelDirector Video editor) are available as Android apps. However, that's why I own an iPad – to run worthy iPhone/iPad apps – now powered by my EVO hotspot.

    As icing on the cake, i turned a profit buying the EVO after selling my 32G iPhone ($500) and Mophie Juice pack ($75), and lowered my monthly bill by $5. Sprint's data plan and texting is unlimited; whereas AT&T is moving quickly to nailing everyone for usage-based data. I've heard Sprint's Dan Hesse lust for usage based data plans (great guy that he is, remember he is ex-AT&T, so a "Bell-shaped head":) so let's hope that Sprint doesn't get acquired by Verizon or decide that they aren't under competitive pressure…

    imo Mossberg missed the big picture in his EVO review… this phone is thin, sleek, and i don't see a weight problem. Compared to an iPhone inside of a Mophie Juice pack. it cuts a slimmer profile in my pocket; and with a screen protector, no need for a case or belt-clip.

    Combined with Sprint's 4G WiMax network which already has a substantial nationwide footprint, this is a breakout product, imho. I'm solidly back in the Droid camp. Except for my iPad, but I'm on the lookout for the first Droid tablets, as well.

    -steve bell | Seattle, WA | StartupTrek.TV

  • Matt

    What about if music is an important app for you? How does it work or does it even work with iTunes? I find that to be the big/only serious advantage of the iPhone ecosystem.

    • Brad Feld

      I’m using Doubletwist and it’s working great.  It read my iTunes library directly.  In addition, Android 2.2 has several features that stream and sync music, including directly from iTunes.

  • http://StartupTrek.TV Steve Bell

    re: Music- the speaker on this thing sounds better than my MacBook Pro. It has a kickstand and FM Radio application (uses the headphone cord as the Antenna) so you can morph into a little desktop Digital Radio + MP3 player…

    Yep, per Brad iTunes store compatible music apps already available for Android.

    I don't favor Bluetooth headsets, but Sprint sells a nice (wired) stereo headset with integrated Mic in the cord, great for Music or listening to Podcasts/videos – and doubles as the FM antenna.

    Also amazing about the EVO – the Google Mapping and GPS Navigation runs circles around the dedicated Trimble GPS in my car.

    Be forewarned — the "Teeter" gravity-ball game on this thing is deadly addictive:)

  • Justin Wyman

    Just want to say thank you for the post. My Palm Pre just broke and was strongly considering leaving Sprint for an Iphone. However, I'm moving from Boulder to San Fran and had huge concerns about AT&T coverage – which you verified.

    Battery life can always be managed; Sprint EVO it is.


  • Steve Bell


    Hey Brad, ok I'm curious: still using your EVO?

    • Brad Feld

      After deciding to do a month of Mac, I went back to the iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised by iOS 4.0 as the early version I had seen had left me underwhelmed. We'll see how I'm doing at the end of July.

      • Steve Bell

        ok Brad, thanks for coming clean about your addiction to the iPhone:) Is it a 3GS again, or the iPhone 4 this time?

        Or… perhaps, is there an iPhone side of you that is just like the iPhone customer in this movie?

        • Brad Feld

          It's actually just my old 3GS.

          • Steve Bell

            I double-dog-dare you to go down to the Apple Store and mess around with an iPhone 4 demo unit. The screen on that thing is SENSATIONAL.

            I did myself, and would have succumbed, but i'm really attached to my EVO because of the built-in hotspot functionality. Still, i have to fight off the thought because of that iPhone 4 screen:) And it helps to think about AT&T's cruddy network.

          • @johnworrell

            Brad, Did you get a microcell? What about the ability to make voice calls? Still an issue for you?

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