Startupbootcamp – TechStars Global Affiliate in Compenhagen

Recently, TechStars began expanding outside the United States through its new TechStars Global Affiliate program.  From experience, we know that investing internationally from the United States is difficult.  However, the demand from entrepreneurs throughout the world for a TechStars-like program has been substantial.  So, TechStars opted for an affiliate model which gives the local partner the benefits of working with TechStars such as process know-know and access to the TechStars network.  TechStars Global Affiliates are independent entities but we intend to bring them together at least once a year and are in touch with them continuously to help out as we can.

The first TechStars Global Affiliate is Startupbootcamp which is based in Copenhagen but covers Northern Europe (from Scandinavia to the Baltics and even northern Germany and Poland).  What does it take to be an affiliate?  TechStars is a community-based model so a top requirement is a large local network of serial entrepreneurs.  It’s also a chemistry thing and we have to feel that we share values (intellectual honesty, passion and simplicity).  And of course you have to know a thing or two about entrepreneurship.

Applications for Startupbootcamp are open until the end of June.  If you are in Northern Europe, take a look and apply now!

  • S Raja

    Hey..fix the typo.. I can see you worry a lot abt comp 🙂 Why not write something about it

  • Yawn…

    • May be boring to you Steve, but it's big news for Denmark and the Nordics! Extending the local startup community's reach through TechStars is not trivial.

      -Alex (Startupbootcamp)

      • Sorry, Alex – I don't know what got into me! I am always enthusiastic about startups.

  • funny and interesting coincidence. i applied to Alex's startupbootcamp back in April, and now i see this on your blog. the world is getting smaller and smaller huh?

    congratulations for the partnership and best of luck with finding worth-while investments.

    • Thanks! I love how the gigantic world gets smaller all the time.