Risk Takers – Pogoplug and RedLaser

It is so nice to be back in Boulder after my 10 hours trip home from New York yesterday that included a lot of time on tarmacs, a diverted landing in Colorado Springs, and an I-25 road trip.  I really want a personal portable teleportation machine.

I’m about to head out for a run but thought I’d toss up a few fun posts and videos that I saw when scanning through my email and news this morning.

First up is a story from my dad about why He Loves His Pogoplug.  It turns out that he is Pogoplug customer #1 and he tells the story of it.  He was also in my office last week when Dan and Jed Putterman (the Pogoplug co-founders) were there for a board meeting and they all had fun hanging out together.  I love when technology and family cross over.

Next up is a great interview by Steve Bell with Vikas Reddy of Occipital.  Late last week eBay announced that they had acquired the RedLaser product from Occipital.  I subsequently crowned Occipital the Bootstrappers of TechStars Boulder class of 2008.  And, if you watch the video carefully, you’ll see a Pogoplug to the left of Vikas in parts of the video.

Finally, here’s episode #5 of the TechStars Founders 2010 video series titled Risk Takers.

“Risk Takers” The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 5 from TechStars on Vimeo.

  • Great story arc. Love the implicit connections.

  • > I really want a personal portable teleportation machine

    Just go see John Chambers at Cisco – he has the closest thing to one, in this Galaxy (demonstrated in this "Cisco Telepresence Magic" on YouTube):

    I interviewed John about this two years ago. At the time, he had 160 telepresence stations installed around the worldwide Cisco empire for internal use. By now, there has to be a bunch of them in the greater Denver area. And of course, Cisco has turned it into another Billion dollar business – so you could just buy one:)

    John describes telepresence as the heart of his "Cisco 3.0" business model. He sees it as a "velocity multiplier" on the time and energies of the entire company, over time. He isn't doing it for the cost saving on travel, sees that as a 3rd-order benefit. It's the fact that it gives his organization the agility to meet at many locations around the world on a daily basis – without getting on an airplane or suffering jet lag – which he's excited about.

    • Yeah – I know the telepresence business well. Unfortunately, Cisco's current entry into it is extremely expensive furniture. I look forward to Oblong's release of their first telepresence product in Q310.

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    Brad, Do you know alot of the "big wall street" guys like Icahn, Soros, etc. Did you ever know Michael Burry from Scion Capital?