Oblong’s TED Talk from 2010

“In five years when you buy a computer you’ll get this.” John Underkoffler, Oblong’s Chief Scientist, at 14:20 in the video.

I’ve been friends with John Underkoffler since 1984 and we’ve been investors in Oblong since 2007.  Ever since I first met John I knew that he was an amazing thinker.  John, his co-founders at Oblong, and the team they have assembled are creating the future of user interfaces.  This year has started off incredibly fast for them – they’ve spent the last five months scaling the business as the result of several large customers and are in the home stretch of releasing their first “shrink wrapped product” in Q3.  Get ready – the future is closer than you imagine.

  • Isaac

    Very Impressive.
    Does anyone know who that quote was from?

    • I was under the impression that John just made it up.  Is there another source for it?

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  • malcolm mersham

    Highly exciting. If you take a look at the linux environment with their multiple desktop intefaces you start to realise that the mundane point and click from the 1980's is dead. Better interaction with objections and data, is key.

    I've seen some Gnome instances, especially we the "un-released" upcoming version where thing is distinct. However not on the level John is on. Its amazing though. Viva La Future!

  • Love the videos, gives a real good insight into the people and companies.

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