Oblong is Hiring

Jason and I were at an Oblong board meeting last week and spent the entire day at the company. It’s grown a lot over the past few months and it was fun to spend time with a number of folks we hadn’t met before. The first Oblong baby was born while we were all eating lunch which resulted in lots of good cheer, karma, and the revelation from another member of the Oblong team that his wife recently found out that she was pregnant.

But the best part was playing with a bunch of the new cool shit that Oblong is working on. It’s one thing to look at what Oblong is building (as in the TED Video below); it’s a whole different experience to actually get your hands on it. Fortunately they are driving hard toward that and we expect a Q3 product release that will start bringing Oblong’s g-speak spatial operating environment to the masses.

In the mean time, if you are interested in a job helping reinvent the graphical user interface at one of the most creative and technologically challenging startup that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, Oblong is hiring. They are specifically looking for a senior programming team lead, an application programmer, a javascript / html stud or studette, and a QA lead, but if you are excellent at what you do on the software development side, I’m sure they’d love to talk to you. You can email me or send a note to [email protected].

  • Daniel Kopyc

    Hi Brad — yeah it was fun seeing John U. pop up on that TED video clip, when a colleague @ Rosetta mentioned it [laugh].

    Interesting stuff, but definitely challenging both to "get it right" — and make it (immediately) relevant, don't you think?

    I mean, Apple can't even come out with a laptop (as I sit here and type this) that has up-, down-, right- and left-arrow keys that are sized any larger than a damned *chiclet*, even here in 2010 — but some kind of futuristic data-glove is supposed to save my aching fingers, er… when? [grin]

    Oh, and aren't we all supposed to be able to retire at age 40 by now? Machines do everything for us, right?? Ah, progress… :-]

    warm regards,