Interview with Andrew Warner on Mixergy

Andrew does a nice interview.  We covered plenty of ground, including failure, when to really call it quits, the concept that “life is a fatal disease”, global vs. local failure, working on things that matter, what I think “fail fast” actually means, how to evolve your business (using Return Path and NewsGator as the examples), my obsession with product, how we decided to invest in Pogoplug, more on product and release tempo, a story about my grandfather, a story about Laura Fitton and why I care about OneForty, why it’s so important to always give more than you get, how the Defrag and Glue conferences came about, some book recommendations, and why fear and anxiety are emotions that have zero value to an entrepreneur.

Business Tips via Mixergy, home of the ambitious upstart!

  • zaheer

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  • David Granger

    Guy on the right is the most boring guy ever – too much detail in a monotone dull voice. Needs to stick to his blog the dullard.

  • Sam

    This was a great interview with Andrew / Mixergy. I took a lot of notes the first time I watched it, watched it a second time and took even more notes.

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