DailyBurn Acquired By IAC

Another TechStars Boulder company – this time DailyBurn from the class of 2008 – has been acquired by IAC.  I’m super proud of Andy Smith, Stephen Blankenship, and the whole DailyBurn team.  This is now TechStars fifth meaningful acquisition and the first from the 2008 class.

The TechStars Boulder 2010 class has begun.  I spent Monday afternoon meeting with each of the teams and I’m psyched about this year’s group.  TechStars is now in its fourth year in Boulder and everyone is off to a fast start.  Also on Monday, David Cohen announced the new TechStars Global Affiliate program and announced our first Global affiliate, Copenhagen-based Startupbootcamp.  I also saw the first episode of the TechStars video series “The Founders – Season 2”.  A quick teaser follows.

"Brad Feld" The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Teaser 01 from TechStars on Vimeo.

And – if that wasn’t enough, Localytics, a TechStars Boston 2009 company, closed a $700k round of financing led by Launchpad Venture Group and New York Angels.

If you are interested in participating in TechStars, applications for the TechStars Seattle 2010 class is open until June 1 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time.  Apply now!

  • Dick Reeves announced this deal to the Huntsville Angel Network this morning.

    It is a big announcement for the HAN, as it is one of the early projects invested in by the group and is helping to set a good precedent for deals coming out of Alabama.

    Good news all around.

    • Yes indeed – and superb help / support from HAN all the way through.  It’s been fun to partner with them.

  • Andrew

    Hey Brad,

    Is that a TrekDesk or a custom built unit on your treadmill? I've been meaning to do the same thing in my office, but don't really want to have it custom built.

  • Lena Jones

    Meaningful acquisition must be code for desperate. Andy was just on the Jason Calacanis show the other talking about $2 million raising which obviously collapsed.

    Credit though for making the pig look presentable.

    • And I guess "Lena Jones" is code for "anonymous hater"? 😉 You're incorrect, FYI.

    • Huh?  “Meaningful acquisition” means that “all of the investors made a profit on their investment and the entrepreneurs made real money.”  That is the case here.  The company had a financing in the works but opted to take the acquisition offer.

  • Thanks for the kind words Brad. We really appreciate all the advice and support that you (along with all the other Techstars mentors) have provided us over the past couple of years. Can't wait to hear about all the other Techstars successes that are coming in the future!

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