Cecelia Feld in Texoma Living Magazine’s Art Issue

There’s a huge profile of my mom (Cecelia Feld) in this month’s Texoma Living Magazine.  She’s one of the five highlighted artists for their third annual art issue.

If you’ve ever been in my office or in my house, you’ve seen a lot of my mom’s art.  As a kid, I was completely surrounded by art.  In addition to my mom being an artist, both of my folks have an incredible nose for collecting and have built an amazing collection.  Whenever we travelled, a big part of our trips were visits to art museums and galleries.  As an eight year old, this often got really tedious and boring, but it sunk in and today one of my favorite things to do is stroll quietly thought a museum or gallery.

One of the things I’ve always loved about my mother’s art was how she used colors.  She’s got a great line in her interview that reflects this – “I have a sense of how color works with color.”  I’ve never really thought hard about this, but I love colorful stuff and would always rather be surrounded by colors than by black and white.  I guess I’ll start attributing this to my mom!

If you are interested in art and want to see more of her work, take a look at her online gallery at Studio 7310.

  • I suspected you had GREAT PARENTS.

    The secret entrepreneur's edge!

    Your Mom looks great, she could outlive many of us:)

  • Thanks for the nice words – my mom also played piano although she learned as an adult. As a kid, I remember hearing her practice and thinking "man, I'm glad I don't play the piano"! But it was cool to listen.

  • My mom plays piano, mostly Chopin and Scott Joplin. When I was growing up, you could hear her play no matter where you were in the house. I sure wish I could hang that on the wall for continuous enjoyment and reminder of how great she is.

    Congratulations to your mom, btw. She sounds awesome.

  • I’m impressed with your Mom’s art, perhaps more so because she spawned you.

    If Melissa would let me, we would have a multicolor house. Bright colors and detailed trim.

    • Thanks – nice sentiment.  I imagine you’ve seen some of her art in the office and Jason’s house.  Holler the next time you are in Dallas – I’m sure she’d be delighted to show you around her studio.

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