Startup Visa Videos From Our DC Trip

In March, I went to DC with Dave McClure, Eric Ries, Shervin Pishevar, and a bunch of Geeks on a Plane to discuss, advocate, and support the Startup Visa initiative.  As part of the effort, we did two videos about the trip – one staring me and one staring Shervin. Ben Henretig of Micro-Documentaries produced them – they have some striking images of DC along with plenty of commentary from me and Shervin about why the Startup Visa is important.

Eric Ries has a few other thoughts about the trip and things you can do to help the Startup Visa initiative.

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  • Great video, Keep the good work guys!! Startup Visa Rocks!

  • Really like the video and agree totally. I was born in the US and have lived here my whole life, and it always amazes me how much bureaucracy squashes innovation.

    Much of our immigration law is outdated; much of it is subjective and can be easily used to keep productive people out. Even leaving out the possible racism involved in the immigration process, the laws as written can block mid-income innovators (like most startup founders). I think it's a great shame that our country treats so many honest business owners like criminals. =(

  • Great video, Keep the good work.

  • Wow… If this happens this will definitely help me out. I have been working on my own start up but thats only part time because to be here in US i need a H1-B visa and thus need another employer.

    I hope this goes through. Because i know my idea is so amazing many investors will be willing to invest. Thank you Brad, Thank you Shervin and all you guys behind this. Thanks a lot.

    I know i am not too influential but would love to help in this initiave any way i can.


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  • Amy calls those things “lingerie” and asks me to wear them for 15 minutes before bed time.  Thanks for the kind words on the Startup Visa.

  • brad, you seem to be wearing a… what is that thing… it's a… no, wait… surely not a… let me squint for a sec here… it is… you're wearing a suit!

    parasartorially, the startup visa initiative is a great, great thing. thank you for this work.

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