Shifting to Twitter for Deal Evaluation

Over the past year the amount of emails I receive on a daily basis from entrepreneurs has reached a point where I can’t deal with it any more.  My partners at Foundry Group feel the same and as a result we’ve moved to twitter to deal evaluation

If you are interested in talking to me about a potential investment, please just tweet it.  Limit yourself to 140 characters – that’s more than enough to describe what you are doing.  Optimally, you’d DM me, although I realize that I have to follow you for this, so just use @bfeld in your tweet and I’ll see it.  And please – don’t sent me multiple tweets – that kind of defeats the purpose.

  • @jgwaller

    Is this just a band-aid solution? Won't this just switch the problem from email to Twitter? Just curious as to your thoughts on this. Couldn't you just set guidelines as to the limit, format, etc. of the emails you receive? Those that don't follow them won't be read.

    Btw, I have an idea on how to solve your email overload problem 😉

  • Michael Bernstein

    To really make this work, you should eliminate the blog comments side-channel. 😉

  • Brad Feld

    Good point.  I’ll consider that.

  • Brad Feld

    In my experience, virtually everything that is announced on 4/1 is a band aid solution!

    • @jgwaller

      Haven't had enough coffee. Nice!

    • Steve Bergstein

      But the date on the Foundry Group announcement is 3/31!

      • Brad Feld

        Yeah – April Fools starts a day early for us.

  • Jason Jacobs

    OK, this is the 2nd April Fools joke announcement I've fallen for already and it is only 8:15am. I'm in for a long day!

  • KevinVogelsang

    You mean people don't pitch you on Twitter already??

  • Brad Feld

    A few do.  They go to the front of the line!

  • David Henderson

    so the elevator pitch has been replaced by the twitter pitch. progress moves on. :-)

  • Brad Feld

    Indeed.  Shorter is often better.

  • michael beirne


  • @calbucci

    Is it ok to send you a link to a 50-page business plan via Twitter? At least the URL will be really short.

    • Brad Feld

      Sure but I'll only click through if I'm on 3g on my iPhone

  • Bradley Young

    I seem to be unable to send my hockey stick graph via this "Tweeter". Also, I have a 92 slide deck with an 8 point font. Any hints on sharing this?

  • JChauncey

    you know it actually makes sense. I cant remember if it was here or not that I read – If you cant fit your idea on the back of a business card then you have thought your idea through or something like that. That should be 140 or so characters.

    And yeah I fell for this april fools joke, along with the crunchpad kit (I would seriously buy one along with a refurb macbook pro (17inch) so I could have the most bad ass ipad ever in the world).

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  • @HKoren

    There goes any sort of privacy. Now anybody can just see what people are pitching to you by searching:

    Not everybody wants to broadcast their pitch to the world…

    • Brad Feld

      Good point.  Actually, maybe I’ll get all of my Twitter followers to sign an NDA around this.  Nah – that won’t help.

  • Manoj Ranaweera

    Hi Brad, I purge my weekly unread/unprocessed emails to a folder that I never seem to get to. This is bad as it contains emails from customers and prospects. There is no quick answer to this. It comes down to discipline and taking brutal attitude to dealing with emails.

    My two pence worth…

    • Brad Feld

      Actually, this was an April Fools joke!  I totally agree with your ruthless email approach.

  • Igor Chirashnya

    For bizplan consideration in required 140 chars format:

    Pain:tweeting hurts relationship. Study:same tweeting skills-best date. Product:tweeter dating s/w to find skill match,TAM-55M users,$10,seek $1M/10%.

  • Brad Feld

    Nicely done!  However, that’s not something that appeals to us – we stay away from dating related stuff.

  • Igor Chirashnya

    No problem, new proposal:

    Pain:VCs hate mails.Study:VCs love Tweeter.Product:bizplan conversion to 140char.Team-world leader w/100% market share.TAM $20B/yr VC funding, Price-1%/funding, Seek $1M/10%

  • Paramendra Kumar Bhagat

    LOL. I 'd prefer a tweet to a five minute pitch. I'd rather tweet you.

  • Randy Haykin

    Sweet! (glad I emailed you overview of Blue Buzz and used the antiquated technology…)

  • 642-515

    I can't agree with more.

  • Steve Bell

    No disrespect intended – but this seems like a REALLY bad idea. It puts the entrepreneur at a disadvantage, and trivializes them. I don't like it, :)

    • Brad Feld

      This was an April fools joke. Gotcha!

      • Steve Bell

        GOOD ONE!

        Dang, that was slick!

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