My Backyard

After the chaos of some days, it’s a delight to come home, stand outside, and look at my backyard.


Today was (another) one of those days.

  • I'm missing home!

  • I'm missing Boulder!

  • Go climb a mountain!

  • What's better than an investment from Brad Feld? ..

    .. A child adoption 🙂

    • Hah.  It’s probably a lot more fun to go for a hike with me than contemplate being my child!

  • Guest

    We get it, you're wealthy.

  • Bill Mosby

    Nice, thanks for sharing. We live within about a 15 minute walk of some of the trailheads up into the Wasatch mountains; nice to have mountains that close, isn't it.

  • amenet

    What a nice post. So simple. Made me think of my own backyard, Paris, which is grey and rainy tonight. Enjoy the Colorado blue sky.

  • Ahhh, Beautiful Boulder. We need to get you a hammock in that backyard Brad. 🙂

  • Karen

    Lovely photo. Wish I had something nice from Florida to share:o)

  • A new(ish) favorite in your backyard:



  • We get it, you're wealthy.

  • That is one heck of a view you've got Brad. When I see that all I can think of is climbing…

    John P.

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