Kasa – The Best Sushi in Boulder

Amy and I love sushi.  While my sushi dining experiences have been limited to the US and Europe, I’ve had a number of amazing sushi dinners, including Masa in New York.  Boulder has a bizarrely large number of sushi restaurants and over the years we’ve frequented them all numerous times.

A year or so ago a new one – Kasa Japanese Grill and Bar – opened up on the corner of Pearl and 15th.  It’s around the corner from our condo in Boulder so we stopped in a few times.  The first time went there it was empty, but the owner and manager Mimi was delightful and upbeat, shining her happiness on us.  As we kept going back, the number of people in the restaurant at any given time increased, but Mimi always welcomed us as if she was welcoming us into her home, doted over us, and made sure we had an amazing time.

Last week Kasa finally got a review that it had long deserved when the Boulder Camera wrote Kasa Japanese Grill review: Delicious excess has its placeAmy and I had dinner at Kasa tonight with our friends Tim Enwall and Hillary Hall and the place was packed.  It was fun to watch Mimi run from table to table, making sure everyone was having a great time as her staff did the same.

I’m a Kasa regular and hope to be for a long time.  I’m psyched they are getting the recognition they’ve been working hard for.  The next time you think of sushi in Boulder, give them a try.

  • We lived in Japan…can't wait to go…thanks for the lead…Larry

  • kirk

    While it's great that you're attempting to support a local business, and their design looks right up my alley, when I looked into their menu, the first one that I saw had Blue Fin tuna as the first two items on the menu.

    I'm not sure if you knew about it, but the Blue Fin tuna is critically endangered, and was only kept off of CITES Appendix I list of species for whom all international trade is banned through last minute procedural moves by Japan (which buys virtually the entire global stock). The moves at CITES as well as the ICCAT are completely against every major scientific consensus.

    Supporting an establishment that sells Blue Fin tuna is like supporting one that sells Giant Panda or is decorated entirely with elephant tusks. You wouldn't do that, and even though they're fish, blue fin tuna are no less worthy of our protection as an endangered species.

  • I love sushi. My husband makes it for me sometimes.

  • Kasa is nice, very high end. Mr. Lee is a good job.

    I agree with the blue fin comment below. Esp in Boulder, I never order it, but there is merit to boycotting restaurants that do. I had the pleasure of dining at Kasa with Mr. Feld during Boco (The Boulder celebration of local food). I enjoyed it then, and have since returned.

    But my favorite in Boulder is Zanmai on Walnut. Zanmai has been there forever and was the only sushi bar downtown prior to the dot.com boom. Now there are about 5-6 within 4 blocks. Zanmai is also where the Japanese Prime Minister went when all the leaders were in Denver for for G8 (Clinton).

    I used to be a regular at Zanmai, and regulars (at any restaurant) get major benefits. My fish slices were huge. I am sure Brad gets that at Kasa.

    But good restaurants rely on word of mouth and Kasa deserves a few good words (so does Zanmai).

    • Given that this is the second comment on Blue Fin tuna I'll talk to Mimi about it the next time I eat there.

  • inboulder

    I think Kasa is OK, but for the money I'd still pick sushi tora, the boulder sushi standard for a decade.

  • I cann't agree with you more

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