I Can’t Make Calls on My iPad

At first I thought it was AT&T.


Then I realized it was me.

  • try getting closer to the window.

  • lash that sucker to your back and have 3Gs, Skype, and bluetooth enabled headset all working by the fall. be a full on iPad warrior

  • use your wi-fi- a little blue tooth and Line2 – the Line2 app is bad ass

  • Good suggestion – should have thought of that!

    • I hear good things about the Skype app in combo with the iTouch, maybe there is also a Skype app for the iPad as well? =)

      • It's funny, I think making a call was one of the first things I tried on my iPad. Skype over wifi or Verizon MiFi works great! Skype/Mifi is also a good solution for the iphone in NYC/SF/Vegas (as sad as that is, it works).

  • skype will work!

  • That sounds like the path I should try!

  • You can make calls using Truphone. http://www.truphone.com/applications/devices/ipad

  • Anita Taylor

    I still think it's AT&T

  • Danny Newman

    I had that EXACT same problem with my Newton!http://www.flickr.com/photos/w1redone/367384335/

  • Sidetalking 2.0! 🙂

  • Rick Huizinga

    Unfortunately iPad doesn’t support Bluetooth hands free profile (HFP). Need to use built In mic or wired headset mic.

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  • Looool the picture is hilarious :)))
    Thats what I first thought when they pronounced the iPad :)))

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