How Does Foundry Group Think About Investing?

At Foundry Group, we often talk about our thematic approach to investing.  Steve Bell from StartupTrek did a nice job of capturing my perspective in under eight minutes.

  • Thanks for sharing this focused interview.

  • Richard

    Great summary thanks for that. Love the box analogy. There should be a link or embed on the What We Invest In part of the Foundry web site. Why didn't they show the part where you discuss Glue?

    As an aside with Firefox 3.6.3 the links in the footer of the Foundry Group web page don't work for me apart from Contact Us , looks like an issue with the <div id="mainColumnHome"> and css positioning

    • Richard, please email me and we'll fix all of that.

      Thanks for your interest,

      -steve bell | producer | | (408)410-3857 cell#

    • Thanks for the comment on FF 3.6.3 – I’ll look into it.

      • Richard

        Another thought for you is that you should probably link to the Foundry Group where you mention it in your short about me at the top of the page on this blog.

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