The New Dork

These people are way cooler than I could ever be.  At least I have something to aspire to.

  • OT Brad, but you obviously are quite wealthy, given your history as a successful entrepreneur and investor. So why have the big Google ads on your blog? I'm not a regular reader of your blog at the moment (though that may change, as I keep hearing it recommended), but I just clicked over here after seeing this post re-tweeted by someone I respect. And then I see this big Google ad for "Insider strategies let you turn $50k into $2.4M in about 5-years".

    FWIW, a similar question pops in my mind when I see Jimmy Johnson on late night infomercials for day trading and, respectively, penis enlargement pills.

  • @Dave I'm not Brad, but I'll speculate. Many technology investors are power users of technology products because it makes them better investors. So, for example, VC's like Brad, Fred Wilson, etc. use their blogs as personal sandboxes to try out lots of different products that are relevant to the consumer web experience. Google AdSense definitely fits that category.

  • John Buehler

    This video epitomizes the creativity needed for success. Fab-u-lous!

  • Donald Foss

    So, anyone use Grasshopper, since that's the end-point of the video?

  • Definitely in line with the times!

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