TechStars Seattle Applications Are Now Open

Last night we had the TechStars Boulder selection meeting where we chose the TechStars Boulder finalists.  We’ll be notifying folks shortly.  In the mean time, we’ve opened applications for TechStars Seattle

Andy Sack, who runs the TechStars Seattle program, has several great blog posts up including How TechStars came to Seattle? and Help me spread the word on TechStars Seattle applicationsThe schedule for TechStars Seattle has also been posted.

I’m really excited about the Seattle program.  The response from the Seattle entrepreneur, angel, and VC community has been incredible and reinforces that Seattle was absolutely the right choice for the third TechStars location.

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  • Bob

    How shortly will Boulder folks be notified. :)

    • Brad Feld


      • Bob


        • Brad Feld

          What's \”excruciating\” about it?

          • Bob

            Just the anticipation. Its an exciting moment for us. Excruciating in the best possible way.

          • David G. Cohen

            Bob – the schedule is here -> As you can see, we select our finalists by today.

  • JChauncey

    Have you guys noticed people submitting to multiple techstars for the same year?

    • David G. Cohen

      yes, regularly. it's encouraged, because we may think that one set of mentors is better for a company than another.

  • Bob

    Yea I’m with you. Just didn’t know if we might be finding out sooner when Brad said “shortly”. Tried to be playful about it but it didn’t come across. Look forward to hearing!

  • 646-230

    I can't agree with more.

  • Steve Bell

    Now that there are 400+ applicants for the 10 Seattle TechStars applicants, what is going to happen next? There hasn't been much news lately.

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