MIT Entrepreneurship Review

A week ago the MIT Entrepreneurship Review launched.  Today it’s up on MIT’s home page.


The MIT Entrepreneurship Review is a new online publication about entrepreneurship that is produced and written by MIT students dedicated to analyzing trends in entrepreneurship at MIT and beyond.  I’ve been involved with some of the folks behind this and I think they are doing an outstanding job.  If you are interested in entrepreneurship, I’d add this to your must read list.

  • Brad, thank you so much for this. This makes our entire team so proud. It's incredibly exciting to serve entrepreneurs and innovators.

    • Awesome. I take it you're involved in this Erdin? I'm interested in learning more or potentially getting involved. I may have to send you a message and say hello.

      • Erdin Beshimov

        Kevin, great to hear about your interest! Thank you. I'm a founder at miter. Yes please email me at beshimov at MIT dot edu. Would love to talk.

  • Michaël Bikard

    MERCI BEAUCOUP BRAD! I am an editor at MITER, PhD student in Entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan – and I am really excited about your involvement with us. As someone who spends his life thinking about the theory of entrepreneurship, your practical insights are very precious.

  • Thanks for your great words of endorsement and support. I'm a PhD in Biological Engineering and editor for MITER. We're having a blast bringing the research and entrepreneurship communities together!

  • Interesting that it is run by students. Harvard Business Review used to be edited by students but then HBS realized how valuable it was and now they probably would not let a student enter the HBR building.

    Law reviews are an interesting deviation. Every law review I know is edited by law students, who then pass on the merit of article submitted by senior law school professors.

    James Mitchell

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