Help Bring Google Fiber 1Gbps Network to Boulder

If you live in Boulder, it’s time to help bring the Google Fiber experiment to our awesome city.  A bunch of folks from all over Boulder are working on the Boulder Fiber project to help us become one of the cities for the Google Fiber for Communities project. 

Boulder is a perfect city for this.  When I moved here in 1995 I didn’t expect to engage in much business as I was spending most of my time in Boston, NY, and San Francisco.  However, I discovered an incredibly smart community that was extremely computer and Internet savvy.  As the commercial Internet started to take off in the mid-1990’s, Boulder was a hotbed for Internet usage and innovation as we rapidly became an incredibly wired city.  I attributed this to the convergence of (a) a smart, well-educated population, (b) a university at the core of the city, (c) a bunch of national labs, (d) a solid legacy of tech startups, especially around storage, cable, and telecom, and (e) a strong culture of independence which was well suited to all things Internet.

What I didn’t realize at the time were two important metrics that underscore both the technology and the entrepreneurial energy in Boulder.  The two metrics are that on a per-capita basis, Boulder has the highest percentage of computer scientists and the highest percentage of Ph.D.’s in the US.  When combined with a vibrant entrepreneurial community that has deep software and Internet expertise, magic things happen.

We’ve seen a lot of this magic in Boulder in the past five years.  I’m proud of how the city I call home has arisen as one of the most important entrepreneurial communities in the US with much more activity, visibility, and influence than a city with a population of 150,000 typically has.  More importantly, the amount of innovation coming out of Boulder is extraordinary.

Google has put out a challenge to find communities that are willing to be a test bed for an experimental ultra-high speed broadband network to see what kind of innovation will emerge.  If you are a member of the Boulder community, even if you aren’t in the high tech or entrepreneurial sector, help us tell Google why Boulder is the best city in the US for this experiment.

If you are game to help, do the following things:

  1. Go to the Boulder Fiber site and follow the directions – it’ll take five minutes.
  2. Follow the Boulder Fiber project on Twitter
  3. Fan Bring Google Fiber to the City of Boulder on Facebook.
  • In addition to posting your advocacy for Boulder on the Google Fiber site — I am making a video with testimonials from the Boulder community on what individuals would / could do with a lightning fast fiber network. If you have something interesting to say and would like to be a part of the video, please connect with me!
    Steve Stewart 303-809-6009

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  • Brett Glass

    Brad, have you run the numbers to demonstrate that Google’s network won’t ultimately turn into an unsustainable financial disaster, as have UTOPIA in Utah and the fiber network in Burlington, VT? As a VC, you’re the perfect person to do this. As someone who is actually in the broadband business, I can tell you what you are likely to find: the network’s limited market share (due to the cost of backbone bandwidth, the cable and telephone companies will offer comparable or better pricing), administrative costs, and the “network neutrality” rules that Google will surely impose on it would make it a financial sinkhole, EVEN IF GOOGLE PAYS FOR THE FIBER. Don’t be dazzled by Google waving a little money around. Apply your talents as a VC to it. Look at comparable ventures like the ones mentioned above, do the math, and then answer the question: would you invest?

  • Best of luck! Longview, Texas is putting up a strong argument. As the only city in East Texas submitting an RFI to Google, the community of Longview hopes to form a partnership with the giant.

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  • Joe

    Boulder's not gonna win. Longmont destroys you! We already have a fiber network set up! We've been ready for this since 1997, all other cities have been ready since they heard about it from Google.

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