Boulder Fiber Forever Flash Mob Sunday at 3pm

The Boulder Fiber Forever project to bring Google’s 1 Gbps fiber network to Boulder is having a flash mob at the Walnut Brewery (1123 Walnut Street) today (Sunday) from 3pm – 6pm.  Come join us, but first go to and add your support for the effort.  Then, head over the the Walnut Brewery between 3pm and 6pm, mention Boulderfiber, and get pints of some of the best beer in Boulder for $2.25.

I’m running to town from Eldo today and should be there around 5pm.  I’ll see you there.

  • Brett Glass

    Brad, what are Boulderites doing pandering to Google? I would think that folks there, of all places, would be inclined to look a corporate gift horse in the mouth. Google’s network would be unsustainable (as is its wireless one in Mountain View) and would harm competition. As a VC, you know how to run the numbers to see whether a venture will be sustainable and profitable in the long term. Have you done this for Google’s network?

    • "Pandering to Google". C'mon – that sounds like someone an exec at a telecom would say. We think it'd be awesome if Google invested $1b in the Internet infrastructure in Boulder. That doesn't seem like pandering to me.

  • Brett Glass

    Brad, Google wouldn’t be “investing $1B in the Internet infrastructure in Boulder.” It’d be building a network as a publicity stunt — one that is not likely to be financially viable or sustainable.

    Ever since the first municipal fiber project, near me in Lusk, Wyoming, these projects have proven to be financially unsustainable even once the cost of running the initial fiber was covered. See, for example, and As a VC and as Silicon Flatirons’ iconoclast, you of all people shouldn’t take the word of a large corporation as given. And as a VC, you should look at numbers and track records — in particular, that of Google’s abysmal failure at providing a municipal network in its home city of Mountain View. Finally, as someone who advocates entrepreneurship, you should object to a municipality welcoming in a large, outside corporation to compete with and harm local entrepreneurs. Brad, I hope you’ll take a long, hard, critical, skeptical look at this.

    • I take a critical look at everything.  At this point, it’s simply in the proposal stage.  Google hasn’t given any details around how they are selecting cities nor around the implementation.  I expect the details of the implementation – once they’ve selected cities – is crucially important.

      And – if the only goal is to be a publicity stunt, it’s a brilliant one.  But I don’t think that’s the only goal.

  • Big

    Isn’t this just another instance of the rich wanting to get richer? I’d prefer that Google pull its stunt, however brilliant, somewhere more in need of increased bandwidth. Boulder may be bolder, but that doesn’t make it more deserving.

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