Blur is Coming

I’ve been hinting about a new conference that we’ve been working on with Eric Norlin that complements Defrag and Glue.  Eric is about to launch it and the splash page for the Blur Conference is up.

If you are familiar with Defrag and Glue, you know they are built around two of Foundry Group’s themes (Protocol and Glue respectively).  Blur is being built around our Human Computer Interaction theme, but with a twist.  Instead of simply being able to “see cool stuff up close”, our goal with Blur will be to create an environment where you can actually use and work with this stuff.  We’ll have user-oriented demos, hackathons, and tons of crazy shit no one has ever seen before.

Plus, we’ll give away a lot of cool toys, have a ton of smart people who are working on the next generation of HCI in one place, and have some fun surprises.  And we are doing it in an environment that is especially tuned for a conference like Blur.

I’m incredibly excited about what Eric has put together for this year’s Glue Conference (as I wrote about the other day).  He’s setting a high bar for Blur, where the goal will now be to have a few brains explode!  Get ready – it’s never dull around here.

  • Jud Valeski

    Last year’s Google I/O had a 360 degree booth covered in large portrait-oriented LCDs. It was running google map street view tours of foreign cities. It was like “being there.” immersive technology experiences are always such cool mindblowers.

  • Bruce Wyman

    This is going to be brilliant.

  • @billerickson

    You guys need to get Eric Gradman to speak and demo. We've had him at the BIL Conference the past three years and he always brings amazing things:

    The CloudMirror pulls info about you from facebook, IMDB (for Sundance), Flickr, sex offenders registry… and floats it above you when you walk by:

    A Brainwave controlled iPhone app:

    • eric norlin

      tks bill! any chance you could intro me to Eric G.? i'm enorlin AT

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  • Supra Women

    lol…i dont know how to say

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