1-Click and Social Network Patents and a Jet Pack

Today, Amazon’s 1-Click patent was confirmed following a four year re-examination.  Amazon now has ownership of a highly controversial and very absurd patent which I hope will only be used defensively.  This a classic example of a “business method patent” that should simply not exist.  I continue to wait patiently to see what the Supreme Court says re: Bilski.

In other patent news, Google and Facebook were sued over a social network patent.  This was a patent issued in October that apparently has something to do with how people join social networks on mobile phones.  Egads.

In better news, it looks like I’ll soon be able to buy a jet pack for $86,000.

  • Fred Schechter

    Can't wait for your Martin Jetpack review Brad!!! Get ready for a lifetime of,, "Can I ride it?"

  • There's absolutely no point in patenting 1-Click. I can't imagine what's the added value for Amazon by doing that – it's not like Amazon depends on 1-Click to maintain its leadership status.
    As for the jet pack, I might wait for the fourth or fifth generation to give it a go…

  • Roy Kaller

    I'm not sure that the jet pack and your sleeping when flying superpower are a good combo.

  • Defense? Apple's already paying to licence it and Barnes and Noble was sued over their use of it. I have a feeling this might well get ugly.

  • Bill Mosby

    I still like Dogbert's zero click ordering better. As he said to Dilbert, "click on something or I'll have to send you some books."

    I always wanted a jetpack, although it's gotta be just about the most fuel inefficient way there is to fly without getting on the Space Shuttle.

  • I've been waiting for my jetpack since the 1960's….

  • Didn't realize Apple pays Amazon for one click. Interesting.

    This blog and discussions have gotten me thinking more about patents. I can't bring myself to think patents should be abolished, perhaps my bit of experience in biotech has me feeling this way. (I do think you should able to be ruled as a troll if you're not actually running a business using the patent, and the case be thrown out. Any precedence? Hopefully, there will be.)

    However, this one-click patent business is ludicrous.

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  • ya….she can fly

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