Senator Lugar on CNBC Discussing the Startup Visa Act

  • Seems like a tactical bill (jobs) as opposed to a strategic. What we need is talented people (entrepreneurial or not). How about anyone with a masters or PhD from a "real" US university gets permanent residence?

  • anton

    i like it. i like anything that challenges convention. its all about competition. if my 12 ideas for business aren't as good as some other people from around the world who weren't perhaps (ooops this is a tricky statement) as fortunate as to be born here – well shit holmes… bring em in. they got better business plans – bring em and give them a chance to execute. in the end it only makes me compete harder.
    and as for the masters/phd remark: suck it. lick your wounds when you get beat by an imigrant with no degree. you'll get no sympathy from me hiding behind your theory/paper-pass.

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