Great Pogoplug Review in the WSJ

I love the Pogoplug.  We’ve been investors in the company for about a year and it has been a blast working with the team.  Pogoplug is in our Digital Life theme and has a lot of conceptual similarities to our previous investment in Sling Media (now part of EchoStar).  We love products like the Pogoplug and the Slingbox “software that ships with a little plastic box that does magic stuff” that, in Pogoplug’s case, provides you access to any of your external hard drives from anywhere in the world on any device.

Today, there was a great review of the Pogoplug in Walt Mossberg’s column in the Wall Street Journal titled Get Your Storage Out of the Cloud.  WSJ’s Katherine Boehret also has a nice short video review below:

I have several Pogoplugs – one at each house and at my office in Boulder.  They are remarkable – they just work.  If you have an external hard drive or are considering cloud storage for any meaningful amount of data, you owe it to yourself to grab a Pogoplug.

  • I received a Pogoplug and a MyBook 1TB external hard drive over the holidays as a combo present. As someone who uses two different laptops, a desktop machine, and an iPhone, this hardware/software package makes it easy for me to access my files wherever I am, on whichever device I am using.

    Like it was mentioned in the video review from the WSJ, the connection speeds are a little slower than other purely cloud-based services (like Dropbox, which I am also a big fan of), but the advantage with the Pogoplug is that everything belongs to me and is in my possession.

    The multiple access points are great, and the fact that the payments are one-and-done (versus typical subscription models in the cloud) is also appealing with this setup.

  • The review was only edited by me. It was written by my colleague Katherine Boehret, who also tested Pogoplug.

    — Walt Mossberg

  • How does this compare to Dropbox?

    Thank you for any insights.

  • Walt – thanks for the clarification.  I should have caught that in the title – I thought I was clear in the article (I wrote the title before I wrote the post and then didn’t go back and think about the title.)  What stuck in my brain was “The Mossberg Solution: Get Your Storage Out of the Cloud.”

  • Geoffrey — The primary difference between Pogoplug and other online storage solutions is that our service utilizes storage that sits in your home and is connected to your Pogoplug device. This way, you maintain physical control over the storage and there are no monthly fees regardless of the amount you put online.

    — Daniel Putterman

  • The review was only edited by me. It was written by my colleague Katherine Boehret, who also tested Pogoplug.

  • I love the Pogoplug too,sexy girl

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