Example of Rally Software Building A Great Company

Lots of little things go into building a great company over the long term.  Rally Software is one that I’m proud to have been involved in from the beginning.  I remember when Ryan Martens, the founder, would sit for entire days in a small conference room near my office covering the white boards on the walls with his scribblings.

Today Rally is a 150 person company that plans to add another 75 people in 2010 on the heels of Rally’s $16 million financing led by Greylock.  And – since their birth in 2002, Rally has had 17 babies (well – people that work for Rally have had the babies, but you probably figured that out.)  Recently, Rally’s leadership team decided to do something about this.


Nicely done Tim, Ryan, and everyone else at Rally.  Now you’ve just got to get these kids using software from Kerpoof at an early age.  I wonder how Agile Parenthood works?

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  • http://www.helpwithdebtnow.com/ Bill

    Looks like Ryan's working overtime on the baby front. Hey, spend some more time working and you could have a successful company!!

  • http://twitter.com/rhhfla @rhhfla

    As an MIT graduate, you might recommend Sugar, developed based on the research of Seymour Papert, as the software for young children to learn programming and to "learn to learn".

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/bfeld bfeld

    Yup – thanks for the suggestion.  Sugar is a good one.

  • http://www.blog.beevok.com YST

    This is so cute….I should encourage friends to pitch this to their bosses.
    I wonder, why do we all like babies? Brad, any ideas?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jameskeppel James Keppel

    All parenthood is agile.

  • http://www.pauschalreisen-portugal.de Patrick Schwarz

    very interesting article. thanks for the information

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