Startup2Startup – The Return Path Story and Email Deliverability

Ok – so in addition to the Boulder events, I also go to Bay Area events.  I’ve got a Return Path board meeting on 1/21 in the Bay Area and that evening Matt Blumberg – Return Path’s CEO – is going to be presenting at the great Startup2Startup series that Dave McClure puts on with the help of his glorious sponsors.

I’ll be there along with a bunch of other great folks (I even paid my $90 for my ticket).  Matt’s got a fascinating story and Return Path is another company in my world that had an awesome 2009 and is poised for a phenomenal 2010 (how’s that for adverbs adjectives.)  Matt will be talking about the history of Return Path (dating back to 1999), lessons he’s learned, and best practices in email deliverability.

If you don’t know Matt, he’s got a great blog titled “OnlyOnce” (since you can only be a “first time CEO once and this is Matt’s journey.”)  Some special secrets about Matt – he was on the FeedBurner board so he can tell you funny stories about Twitter’s COO and he’s run two marathons with me so he can tell you funny stories about things I say after 4+ hours running.

January 21st, 6pm – 9:30pm at the Garden Court Hotel on 520 Cowper Street in Palo Alto.  Sign up now.  Be there or be forever destined to have email deliverability issues.

Enough with the calendar stuff.  I promise my next post will be a long essay about some obscure topic that will generate a lot of controversy.  Or maybe I’ll just list out the marathons I’m going to run in 2010.

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  • Peter Biro

    Brad — ordinarily I don't nitpick but I think you might appreciate this comment: there are no adverbs in the sentence followed by "how's that for adverbs". Anyway, Return Path is a great service and Matt is a gritty and inspirational guy

  • bfeld

    Nitpick away.  I clearly suck at grammar.  Or maybe I was just testing people to see if they knew what part of speech fascinating, awesome, and phenomenal are.  I guess I should have chose fascinatingly if I was going for adverbs. 

  • Dave mcclure

    brad also forgot to mention that the startup2startup dinner is by nomination / invitation… doh!

    that said, if you write a clever haiku about email deliverability here in the comments, we'll let brad invite a few more folks to attend 😉

  • Matt Blumberg

    Did I mention you're co-presenting?

  • bfeld

    Only if you want me to.

  • chris mccann

    I'll be there :) Hope to meet you while were there.

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