My Steel Balls By Mark Castator

I love having steel balls.


Amy and I discovered Mark Castator about a year ago.  He’s a Boulder based artist that does amazing stuff with steel.  Here’s a few other things in our house in Eldorado Canyon.


The metal painting on the wall is by Mark Cesark who is an Aspen based artist (and another Mark) who we’ve fallen in love with and are collecting aggressively.  The steel towers by the window are Castator’s.

The next time you are in my office feel free to ask to see my big steel balls – I’ve got some there also.  Yeah, all of this kind of reminded me of Pete Schweddy.  Sorry.  Oh – and please remember the legal disclaimer on this blog.

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  • Do note that a simple misspelling of the artist's last name makes the piece that much more… inspiring.

  • Tom

    Every time I go to Jax I admire Mark's work.

  • at my previous job they had a couple of really neat pieces of artwork. One was a huge 10 foot shark made from nylon type straps and steel cable. They hung it from our ceilings which were about 20 foot tall, so every day I would contemplate what would happen if the cables holding it snapped (i was directly in the path =p).

    We also had this stingray looking thing that they called dragon (or the artist did). Since it was in our conference room we got a lot of remarks about it.

    Anyways steel sculptures are so cool. Love the balls =P

    • Art really changes the way an office feels.

  • Really love the art. I'm excited to be coming back to the frigid north for a week or so starting this Sunday. There's a lot of good art to be had in the Rocky Mountain Area.

    BTW Brad – Why I love contextual advertising: when viewing this post in GR, the ad at the bottom was for Viagra, and it seriously took me a minute to figure out why. 😉

  • what a nice design at home…

  • Mark Cesark have tremendous creativity
    magang jepang

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