My Mom In Kindergarten and Some of Her Photographs

Speaking of brilliant photographs, my mom sent me two yesterday.  The first one is her dressed in PJ’s reciting “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to her kindergarten class.  I remember having to sing Christmas Carols as a kid but I stopped in seventh grade when I started declaring to my teachers “I’m Jewish – I don’t have to do this.”  But kindergarten was probably fair game.

Cecelia Public school 1008 (3)

The second was her class picture from kindergarten. 

Cecelia Public school 2009

I love looking at these old photographs, especially in digital form.  In addition to being photogenic, my mother has integrated photography into her art.  Regularly readers of this blog probably know that my mom is an artist (see a nice collection of her work on line at Studio 7310) but you might not know that she is a master with a camera and Photoshop.  If you are into photography, take a look at two of her exhibitions: Faces and Places (4/5/08 – 5/3/08 at the Mesquite Art Center) and Near and Far (9/4/04 – 10/1/04 at 416westgallery).

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  • Your mom is talented and super plus. I interviewed a few years ago, and she is an amazing woman…

  • Now we learn your secret – you have an AMAZING MOM! everyone can appreciate that.

    A salute to Mrs. Feld. If it weren't for great Mom's like you, the world would quickly degrade, and grind to a halt.

    fyi I believe i have one too… my Mom (82) lives in Wichita KS, my hometown… but I digress… 🙂 Anyway i know that is the source of all good things that have happened to me… from excellent (typed by Mom) College essays, on down the list:)

  • She is in fact amazing.  I’m lucky – I have both a great mom and a great dad.

  • Me too, and I feel very lucky; they’re 82 & 84, sharp as a tack.

    I am on the Big Island of Hawaii for 3 weeks, spending quality time with my wonderful kids Annette & Alexander Bell (8, and 6). Having a great time, today we re-enacted the incident on the Jet coming into Detroit, after my son wanted to know what a “stranglehold” is. I tackled him after jumping across seats, put him in the stranglehold, the my daughter jumped on us as (fake) passengers dragged us by our arms and legs into first class, then the FBI arrived 🙂 All in good fun, but they “got it”.

    It’s my hope i can do even 50% as good of job as my parents in raising my own kids; but the jury is very much still out. After all, Tom Brokaw assigned the designation to our parents “the Greatest Generation” for good reasons!

  • Hooray for moms. And dads. And kids. And grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, marrieds, singles, with kids, without kids. You get the message. Never know what might show up on Brad's blog.

    The Mom

    • Awesome – a comment from The Mom!  Magic.

  • Funny, I didn't expect to come across a photography post on the site. My wife and I are in the process of re-establishing our photography biz in CO (moved back from Seattle after 6 year in the Navy).

    Oh yea, moms are awesome too.

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