In Case You Were Wondering What I Look Like In A Tie

Sorry – I couldn’t help myself.  I doubt this will be repeated anytime soon.


I know it’s a little self-referential for me to put this on my blog, but it is my blog after all.

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  • Tony Bain

    Did you remember how to do your tie yourself or did your wife have to do it for you? :)

    • Brad Feld

      There are some things you never forget how to do.  Tying a tie is one of them.

  • Craig Mische

    You look like someone that puts it on each morning. Like the suit. Looks like a Zegna.

    • Brad Feld

      Thx. I hope my mom will be proud and finally leave a comment on my blog!

  • Rob Hayes
    • Brad Feld

      Nicely played.

    • John Buehler

      Not bad Mr. Brown, not bad.

  • @JohnAtkinson

    Wow – a tie AND a pinstripe suit!

  • Jeff Bussgang

    Very posh. See you on the runway!

  • Steve Bell

    You look like you might be dropping in on the Supremes today! Seems you are having way too much fun in D.C. Brad! :)

  • Robert Hacker

    Nice tie. Where did you rent the suit?

    • Brad Feld

      Oh – I've got a closet full of suits. Just no ties.

  • snigdha

    not bad at all

  • Allison Bergamo

    Wow! Very snappy. You clean up well, Brad. I didn't realize you even owned a suit!

  • mala

    What brand of suit&shirt&&tie do you wear?

    • Brad Feld

      Brioni suit and Hermes tie.  I can’t remember the shirt.

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