Can A Soundtrack Make or Break a Tech Conference?

I’ve been to my share of tech conferences that either don’t have any music playing or have some horrible mix that the hotel supplies turned up either a little to much or not quite enough.  In contrast, I know that Eric Norlin obsesses over every aspect of his conferences, including the soundtrack.  He knows his audience well and nailed it this year.  He’s published the soundtrack on the Defrag blog

I’m now looking forward to the Glue Conference soundtrack (and conference).

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  • I will say what no one else will: it needs more cowbell.

  • We play bands that don't exist yet. They break up when they find out we played them.

  • DaveJ

    Can anyone explain to me the obsession with having music playing everywhere, all the time? Are there not enough ways for people to listen to their own music?

    • Enjoy the mystery.

      • DaveJ

        I looked it up, the actual line is "Accept mystery" (by a native English speaker it would be "Accept the mystery."

  • Then “accept the mystery”!

  • What's actually amazing to me is the number of people that asked if they could purchase the soundtrack and the Sons of Defrag t-shirts. The soundtrack is up. We're working on the t-shirts.

  • I don’t know if it can make the conference, but it sure works for me! First noticed it at the SMX Search Engine Expo conference, in Santa Clara. In between panel sessions they darkened the ballroom lights and played techno. David Allen of GTD fame further enhanced the ‘coolness factor’ effect by, (in addition to mood lighting and Jazz) adding a Twitterfountain Stream to the projector display, filtered to the conference’s tag #GTDSummit, at his Inaugural GTD Summit this past March at the new Intercontinental Hotel in SF.

    All goodness imho! 🙂

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