The Chaos That Is Today

Wow – I guess Web 2.0 is happening somewhere (fortunately I have a delegate there – my partner Ryan McIntyre).  That not withstanding, the tempo of stuff going on today is staggering.  I’m having a blast sitting here in Boulder just trying to stay mildly ahead of all the stuff flying around.  I thought I’d share some of it with you in case you need a fifteen minute break like I do.

Angels Weigh In on Net Neutrality: The WSJ has an article talking about the letter a bunch of VCs (including me and my partner Jason Mendelson) sent Julius Genachowski in support of Net Neutrality.  I’m seriously bummed out that my good friend and Representative Jared Polis is opposed to Net Neutrality – if you are in Jared’s district (or any district) fill out the FreePress Save the Internet petition and have it sent to your congresspeople. (update: it looks like according to the OpEd that Jared wrote yesterday that he supports Net Neutrality.)

Incubating Change to Immigration Law with the Startup Visa Movement:  Mark Hendrickson over at TechCrunch has a nice post up on the Startup Visa Movement.

Lijit contributes analysis to Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2009: If you are a stats geek, Lijit has some great info for you including Search Engine Referral Data (some of it is surprising), average blogroll size, the impact of Twitter, and some special ad tag info.

When you need an “app for that”, Slice of Lime can build it: My friends at Slice of Lime are now building iPhone apps built on the NewsGator TapLynx framework (more on that soon).  If you’d like to carry me around in your pocket, give the Foundry Group iPhone app a try.

Gowalla + Foundry Group: I like to play with Gowalla.  I like it so much, that they created a special icon for the Foundry Group spot.  That’s one (very effective) way to get my attention.


Music Hack Day Boston: Ian Rogers, the CEO of Topspin Media point this out to me.  It’s happening on 11/21 and 11/22 in Boston at Microsoft NERD and includes plenty of friends (such as Harmonix, Sonos, and Boxee).  If you are into music + tech don’t miss it.

GoogTweetBing: Yeah, you read it hear 3,412,413th.  Google+Twitter and Bing+Twitter.

I just punked my partner Seth (I expect he’ll figure it out before he reads this) and had my first good run in about 30 days.  Now if the sun would come out I’d be uber-happy.  Back to work.

  • AND defrag is only 21 days out ….it keeps getting interestinger and interestinger


  • sam

    I like reading your blog, great content always – but whats up with all the spam/promotions of companies on the page? – Lijit takes up prime real-estate, and is getting bit annoying 🙂

  • I can only imagine the chaos that is your household!  Go get a margarita.

  • Do you mean the Lijit popover when you come from a search engine? This should only happen the first time you show up. Sorry if it's not working quite right.

    Or – are you referring to something else?

  • sam

    referring to the Lijit popover…it happens every time I come from a twitter link 🙁

  • Hey Brad – if the Slice of Lime guys want a little more visibility you should let them know about our free iPhone developer directory ( ) – all they have to do is claim their listing (… ) and set "accepts contracts" to "yes"

    Looking forward to the upcoming TechStars event in Seattle – see you there!

  • Brad – No mention of Google jumping into the digital music space? When all the talk was about Facebook rumors a couple months back, Google quietly went about their business aligning partnerships with a number of major players in the space.

    I personally think today was a MONUMENTAL day for the music industry (next week's announcement I guess will be bigger). As Google tends to do with most industries they jump into, the pricing will start inching towards zero, and iTunes will take note soon enough.

    Facebook will also be rushing to make sure they're not too late for the party…

  • I just changed it so it appears at the bottom of the page instead of the top.  Any better?

  • Super – on it.

  • Yeah – although as far as I can tell this is basically what Yahoo did a couple of years ago (although in typical Yahoo fashion is stalled out).  But yes – big deal.

  • sam

    yes. Thank you – now the real content is at the top.. 🙂

  • Here is the letter I wrote in support of net neutrality:
    Tomorrow is the day that the FCC is expected to being the formal rulemaking process

  • Yup – thanks.  I don’t know why I got an earlier note in the day that you were against it (and it made no sense to me).  I’m glad it go straightened out (at least in my mind and on my blog!)

  • A very good article, I will always come in.