TechStars: Episode 13: Bean Town

This year TechStars ran a program in Boston.  Shawn Broderick was the ring leader and everyone had an awesome time.  To get a feel for the scene, take a look at The Founders video on Bean Town.

The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 13 | Bean Town from Andrew on Vimeo.

  • JChauncey

    great video as always. Cannot wait for next years techstar's teams and videos. Hope to be in Boulder by then!

  • @jjsnyc

    Great video and enjoyed the coverage from the East coast.

    I'll have to make sure and try to attend the Demo Days next year!

  • Dan Housman

    I noticed I missed Brad because his linked-in notification said he had left Boston yesterday. Drat missed him again. Glad there was a video though. I am a TechStars ignoramus so this helps to explain what it is. The video was quite awesome.

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