TechStars Bloopers

If you’ve been watching the TechStars Founders video series, you’ll love the Behind the Scene (aka “bloopers”) episode that just came out.

The Founders | Behind the Scenes from Megan Leigh Sweeney on Vimeo.

Watch otherwise chatty people be speechless, learn more about the use of the word “fuck”, try to figure out which one is Nate and which one is Natty, see Canadians sing and learn what happens when they get nervous, and go on a rocket ship.  Great stuff Megan (and TechStars).

  • Brad, thanks for putting me onto the TechStar Founders Video Series. It's entertaining, very easy for me to relate to and motivating….. what a great concept.

    • Thx – we've had a great time doing it.

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