Gist for iPhone Is Available

The Gist iPhone app was released this morning.  It’s the first of two meaningful iPhone releases this week from companies I’m an investor in.  Not surprisingly the Gist iPhone app is tightly coupled with the overall Gist service which I’ve written about in the past


Bill French wrote a great review on iPhone CTO titled Mobile Professionals Develop Business Acuity and Information Readiness With New Gist iPhone AppIn this he clearly explains what Gist is trying to do, why it’s special-magic-happy, and where it has room for improvement.

Gist is providing a little Apple love today with a change to their avatar on Twitter.  If you are so inclined, give Gist a try and send me any feedback (good or bad) that you have.

  • I've been using Gist for a month or so now and one the things I would improve is importing contacts from a Gmail or IMAP account.

    I was under the impression that Gist would search archived emails to get contact information for people I've corresponded with in the past. It appears that Gist is only adding contact info for emails in my Inbox – or 5 people since my inbox is trimmed.

    I really like the product thus far, but there aren't enough contacts imported that make it worthwhile to use Gist everyday.

    • Taylor, I've taken a look and it appears that you've connected to gmail via our generic IMAP connector rather than the explicit Gmail connector. From the accounts page you will see a connection tile labled 'Gmail'. If you set that connnector up, it will mine all your gmail folders outside of trash and junk. The generic imap connector unfortunately only accesses the Gmail 'inbox' and that appears to be the problem here. I'll send you a separate mail with screen shots to be clear. Thanks for the heads up on this issue!

  • Hi Taylor, we should be mining all folders except your trash folder and junk folders. I'll take a look on our back end and find out what might be happening and followup with you directly. Thanks for the feedback and we'll get this sorted out for you asap.

    Steve Newman
    CTO, Gist

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