Ask a Ninja on Net Neutrality

On the heels of the FCC doing what everyone expected them to do today with regard to Net Neutrality, I thought I’d remind you of the awesome Ask a Ninja on Net Neutrality from 2006.

  • Eric Marcoullier

    This episode is sponsored by Verizon. Oh, the irony. It burns!
    (Verizon CEO slams Net neutrality)

  • efliv

    Ask a Ninja on Net Neutrality… brought to you by Verizon.

    Can you smell the irony?

  • Brad Feld

    Deep irony.

  • Luke Kingland


  • Michael Johnson

    Did you see this noise this morning? McCain Moves to Block FCC Net Neutrality

    What the heck, I used to respect McCain. Seems like he's either behind the times (not unlikely) or rounding out his career by turning into a shill for the telecom industry.

  • bfeld

    I love the name of the bill – the “Internet Freedom Act.”  Such irony.

  • Dean Collins

    lol so does that mean that in 2006 nVerizon supported net neutrality….cause they sure dont now.

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