Video Day – TechStars, Twiistup, and RallyCafe

It’s Tuesday, so that means – well, I’m not sure what that means.  But I do know that if you want to watch me on video, following are three choices.

First up is Episode 10 of TechStars: The Founders – Crunch Time.  Special guest appearances from me, Paul Berberian, the Zenie Bottle, and the printer from Office Space.

The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 10 "Crunch Time" from Andrew on Vimeo.

Next, a panel from the Twiistup 6 event in Los Angeles last Thursday starring me, Dave McClure (Founders Fund), and Andy Sack (Founders Co-Op).  Note Dave obsessively checking TweetDeck throughout the event to make sure everyone is catching and retweeting his creative use of the word “fuck” (NB – I think I used it first around minute 6.)

Finally, I did an interview this morning on RallyCafe at the Rally Software offices. 

  • Camilo

    Hey Fred, I enjoyed your interview on Rally Cafe. It was very cool to hear about your background and experience. Very cool and best luck on investor day at TechStars. I told my good friend Rob from Coherent Investments in Westminster to go a support your companies!!!


    • Thanks!  I’m Brad btw, not Fred.

      • Camilo

        Wow, so sorry, I know you are Brad. I just made a horrible first impression, D'oh!!! I'll do better next time.

        • No prob – I’m often called Fred.  It’s my other name.

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